An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2020

An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

The act of being intentional about the purchases you make and what you wear means you learn a lot about yourself in the process. After several years of writing about sustainable style and creating an all-seasons wardrobe, I’m still learning about what makes a good minimalist wardrobe.

If you've been following along with my seasonal capsules, they work like this: I have an all-seasons wardrobe of around 50 pieces. Each season I edit that down into a capsule wardrobe that I'll wear over the next 3 months or so. This habit ensures I'm wearing as much of my wardrobe as possible throughout the year; it helps me to identify what I enjoy wearing and what my wardrobe is missing, as well as slowing down my purchases.

I’m approaching my autumn capsule wardrobe with a fresh perspective. I'm including 27 items this time, 3 for each category (except knitwear, which gets double): tops, bottoms, one-pieces, knitwear, coats, shoes, bags, and accessories. During previous seasons I’ve found myself reaching for clothing that wasn’t included in my capsule because they were too restrictive. More clothes means more outfits, which means my wardrobe will get a lot more wear - and that’s the whole point of having a capsule or all-seasons wardrobe!

An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe


Chunky Cardigan by Everlane
Cropped Cardigan by Boden (second-hand)
Longline Cardigan by Dorsu (gifted)
Thick Jumper - Vintage (second-hand)
Fleece-Lined Jumper by Know The Origin (gifted)
Thin Jumper by Everlane (gifted)


Classic Shirt - Vintage (second-hand)
Collarless Shirt by Everlane (gifted)
Boxy Top by Muji


Maxi Skirt by Muji
Culottes by Muji
Chinos by Everlane


Sleeveless Dress by Muji
Maxi Dress by Linen Fox
Wide-Leg Jumpsuit by Thought (gifted)


Rain Coat by Stutterheim (gifted)
Double-Breasted Coat by Great Plains (gifted, old)
Duster Jacket by Elizabeth Suzann (gifted, old)


Loafers by Greysen (gifted)
Shoes by Dr. Martens
Sneakers by Everlane (gifted)


Backpack by Kanken
Jute Handbag by Ellyla (gifted)
Handbag by Matt & Nat


Medallion Necklace by Oh My Clumsy Heart
Beret by unknown brand (second-hand)
Hexagon Hoops by Oh My Clumsy Heart

An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve learned that sectioning my wardrobe makes much more sense for my lifestyle and how I like to dress. Instead of lumping everything together, certain clothes should be kept separate. I now have three main sections within my wardrobe: daily outfits, evening wear, and house clothes. This makes even more sense when we take into account that our everyday life and daily routines are going to be disrupted for the foreseeable future.

When I’m at home, I like to change into house clothes (similar to loungewear but more guest appropriate). If I’m heading out for dinner, I prefer to wear the dressier options in my wardrobe. For daily activities like working in the studio, running errands, or day’s out, I wear the bulk of my wardrobe. These are the clothes I get the most wear out of and find myself reaching for in my seasonal capsules.