A Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2021

A Minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe

It's been interesting to see how the pandemic has changed so many things from our daily routines to our seasonal style.  It's even got me thinking about what having a sustainable wardrobe really means, but I'll save that for another post.  My winter capsule looks quite different this year.  What I want to wear probably isn't going to be what I'll actually end up wearing since the UK keeps dipping in and out of lockdown on both a national and regional scale.

There hasn't been much opportunity to do anything other than work in my studio and do simple indoor activities.  Birmingham, the city I live in, bounces between 'very high' and 'high' alert with strict local restrictions, which isn't likely to change for the foreseeable future.  It's hard to imagine when being able to go a bar or restaurant, or visit a museum or gallery will be possible again.  If I'm staying indoors I want to be comfortable resulting in a very small rotation of outfits.

Being realistic, this year's winter capsule is more of a stay-at-home wardrobe.  I've chosen clothes I'll feel most comfortable wearing indoors day-to-day.  There's nothing fancy in here, just my practical everyday wardrobe staples mixed with a few loungewear picks that will keep me warm, dry, and cozy over the next few months.  I do want to push myself back into the habit of being more creative with my outfits (as much as I can with an all-black wardrobe!) since I've been wearing the same jumper and joggers combination repeatedly.  So I've picked a few items I know will help me to do that.

A Minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe

List Of Winter Capsule Items


Raincoat by Stutterheim (gifted)
Double-Breasted Coat from Great Plains (gifted, old)
Nahara Trench Coat from All Saints (old purchase)
Cocoon Coat from Muji (second-hand)


Funnel Neck Top from COS (second-hand)
Basics Tees from Everlane and Organic Basics (gifted)


Chinos from Everlane
Joggers from Baukjen


Cable-Knit Jumper - Vintage (second-hand)
Chunky Cardigan from Everlane (gifted)
High-Neck Jumper - Vintage (second-hand)
Crew Sweatshirt from Everlane (gifted)
Funnel Neck Jumper from Paisie (old purchase)
Crew-Neck Jumper from Everlane (gifted)

Jumpsuits and Dresses

Maxi Dress from Linen Fox
A-Line Dress from COS (second-hand)
Wide Leg Jumpsuit from Thought (gifted)


Rain Boots from Stutterheim (gifted)
Shoes from Dr. Marten (old purchase)
Loafers from Grenson (gifted)


Transit Bag from Everlane
Mini Backpack from Kanken (old purchase)
Jute Shopper from Ellyla (gifted)


Scarf from ASOS (old purchase)
Beret - Vintage (second-hand)
Beanie Hat from MUJI
Minimal Jewellery from OMCH


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A Minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe A Minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe