Sustainably-Made Tights and Socks

Sustainably-Made Tights and Socks

Socks and tights are firmly in the essential category of wardrobe basics, for most people.  Having warm staples are crucial for comfortable outfits that can see us through the colder months without hardship.  While there are plenty of options for durable socks, high-quality tights are a little harder to find.  Below are the sustainably-made tights and socks I keep my wardrobe stocked with plus a few more places to shop if my choices aren't quite right for you.

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My Favourite Tights and Socks

If you hate tights but need to wear them, try Snag  - they're a joy to wear because they're designed to fit a range of body types with sizes that vary in both height and width.  Snag offers a range of skin tones in 50, 80, and 120 denier the are comfortable and durable.  I'm not entirely certain about the brand's ethics and sustainability policy but they're a size inclusive brand, making them an ideal choice if you struggle to find well-fitting hosiery.

Organic Basics have a robust sustainability policy and make a lot of their clothing from recycled materials including their range of tights.  My wardrobe is full of their basics.  They currently offer three shades of tights in both 20 and 80 denier.  I'd like to see Organic Basics expand on their sizing range in the future to include larger than XL and petite sizing. What makes their tights special is the high-waist, which makes them super comfortable to wear since they don't fall down.

Most of my socks are basic black and white pairs made by Organic Basics.  My favourites are the ankle socks, which are both soft and durable and made from organic cotton.  In winter,  the Organic Basics tennis socks are a better choice.  They have a slightly thicker, more padded design and are made from SilverTech™  to prevent odor.  You can buy the socks in packs to save money.

If you're in need of some new basics, you can receive 10% off your Organic Basics order with the code: CONSIDER.  No minimum purchase required.  Valid until April 30th 2021.

Sustainably-Made Tights and Socks

Sustainable Tights

  · Organic Basics* (EU)
  · Snag (UK)
  · Swedish Stockings (UK)
  · Thought (UK)

Sustainable Socks

  · Bam (UK)
  · Boody (UK)
  · Heist (UK)
  · Jollie (UK)
  · Kind (UK)
  · Leiho (UK)
  · Organic Basics* (EU)
  · People Tree (UK)
  · QNOOP (UK)
  · Thought (UK)

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Sustainably-Made Tights and Socks Sustainably-Made Tights and Socks