A Dog Walker's Capsule Wardrobe

A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe

I'm always surprised at how versatile my all-seasons wardrobe is. Whenever I need to put together a new capsule for a specific purpose, I quickly manage to pull it together using what I already own. That's on spending the last few years curating a wardrobe that works for me. I've created all sorts of capsules from seasonal outfits to very specific purposes. This one is for dog walking (I've been wearing it more than my dedicated spring capsule!)

Obviously you can wear anything to go on a walk. But some outfits are more comfortable than others when exercising especially with a dog. This capsule wardrobe is specifically for going on walks with your companion. It includes clothing options and accessories that make it easier and more comfortable to traipse across distances and carry essentials. I've also included a few of my must-take items for walking dogs.

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A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe

List Of Dog Walking Capsule Items


Long Line Coat - Vintage (second-hand)
Rain Coat from Stutterheim (gifted)
Trench Coat from Everlane (gifted)

Three options depending on the weather: a lightweight trench for the warmer months, a heavy long line coat for the cold weather, and a rain coat for the rain. All three have deep pockets for stuffing a spare lead, toys, or extra treats.


Reversible Fleece from Lazy Oaf (second-hand)
Jumper from Everlane

Everlane's Track Sweatshirt and Track Joggers is the perfect dog walking outfit. For night time walks, particularly in winter when the days are longer, having something bright and visible is essential. I purchase a reversible Lazy Oaf fleece to match my dog's reflective lead.


Basic Tees from Everlane, Organic Basics, and Thought (gifted and purchased)

An essential really for layering underneath outfits in cold weather, or wearing alone in warm weather. My preference for a great tee is one with a loose, slightly cropped fit. These Everlane Box-Cut Tees, Organic Basics Cotton Tees, and Thought Fairtrade T-Shirts are my favourites.


Joggers from Everlane
Leggings from Everlane

For a super comfortable dog walk on a chilly day, I wear a pair of Baukjen Joggers. They're thick, fleece-lined, and high-waisted. In warmer weather I need to wear something much cooler. The Everlane Perform Leggings are my top pick for sustainable leggings. They're thin yet durable, with a high waist (that doesn't roll down) and minimal seams for comfort. I also have a pair of Everlane Lightweight Joggers when I need something inbetween the two.


T-Shirt Dress from Everlane (new purchase)

A throw-on-and-go dress is essential in a dog walkers capsule. For me it's a simple t-shirt dress I can wear alone, or over the top of leggings or joggers. With or without a jacket. The Weekend Tee Dress is made from thick cotton with an oversized fit, making it super versatile and a capsule staple.


Sandals from Birkenstock (old purchase)
Boots from Dr.Martens (second-hand)
Rain Boots from Stutterheim

Comfy sandals for spring and summer, rain boosts for autumn and winter, and sneakers for when I need footwear somewhere in-between. These pull-on Stutterheim Rain Boots were a blessing in the very early days and will continue to be so when autumn and winter rolls around. Birkenstock sandals are some of the best you can buy (although I've heard great things about Teva). On dry days, these Dr.Marten's Ankle Boots are great whatever the weather.


Reflective Lead from Lazy Oaf (second-hand)
Transit Bag from Everlane
Travel Water Bowl from Pets Against Plastic (gifted)

Instead of buying a new treat pouch and poop bag holder, I recommend either using a bag you already own or buying one you can style with the rest of your wardrobe. Treat bags are kind of ugly but my Everlane Transit Bag is as chic as it is functional. Poop bags go in the front pouch, treats and clicker in the back pouch. It can fit my phone, mask, hand sanitizer, and can even squeeze in a spare leash if I need to. If you're looking to buy new, opt for something small with lots of space and a design that makes the pockets easy to access. Everlane's Crossbody Bag is another good option.

If you want a dog-specific treat bag, Absurd Design have a few plain options, The Black Dog Company have colourful designs, and Hounds of Eden offer compact bags. I always pack a water bowl. This one from Beco is collapsible and won't take up much room in your back. At night, I walk my d og with a reflective lead to stay safe.

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A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe