A Dog Walker's Capsule Wardrobe

A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe

When my dog was a puppy, I used to grab whatever clothes were close to hand and quick to put on. Now he's an adult, I no longer want to be seen outside wearing scruffy house clothes! The more dog-friendly walks we take together, the more I realise how important it is to have comfortable dog walking outfits that look as good as they feel.

With a versatile wardrobe it's possible to put together capsules for a specific purpose using the clothes you already own. My capsule wardrobe is separated into three sections: everyday clothes, loungewear / activewear, and occasionwear. Within these sections I can create smaller capsule wardrobes with outfits to wear during a particular activity or occasion, such as attending a wedding, going travelling—or walking the dog!

I'm always surprised at how versatile my capsule wardrobe is. Whenever I need to put together a new capsule for a specific purpose, I can easily pull a collection of outfits together using what I already own. That's because I've spent the last few years curating a wardrobe that works for me and reflects my personal style.

This is how to put together a capsule wardrobe for dog walking with dog walking outfits for summer, autumn, winter, and spring!

A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe

What do you wear to a dog walk?

Obviously you can wear anything to go on a walk. But some outfits are more comfortable than others when exercising especially with a dog—especially if you're planning a long walk on rough terrain! Knowing the best outfits to wear on a dog walk is necessary for staying comfortable and protected while outside.

When choosing a dog walking outfit, consider the location, weather, and the duration of the walk. Choose comfortable, practical clothes that are weather-appropriate and allow you to move freely and easily. Footwear needs to be sturdy and reliable with good support and decent treads. To carry the must-have dog essentials, wear clothes with pockets or bring a small bag. For a more comfortable walk on trails where dogs are unable to go off leash, a hands-free leash is a must!

What do you wear on a dog walk in the summer?

Dog walks in summer are often shorter in length and slower in pace, meaning most summer outfits will work on the hottest of days. Although depending on the location and duration of the walk, you might need to think harder about your summer dog walking outfit to stay cool and comfortable.

Lightweight, loose-fitting clothes made from breathable fabrics, like linen, cotton, and hemp, are the ideal choice for dog walking in summer. Breathable shoes, such as lightweight trail shoes or sturdy sandals, will provide support and protect your feet. While accessories, such as a sun hat and sun glasses, will provide protection from the sun.

A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe

What do you wear on a muddy dog walk in the rain?

Your dog might not care about the rain but chances are you do! The best clothes to wear on a muddy dog walk is an outfit that will keep you warm and dry no matter the weather.

A waterproof rain coat with a hood and rain boots or wellingtons with moisture-wicking socks are essential. To keep warm and stay dry, layer clothes made from quick-drying fabrics. Remember to put a waterproof coat on your dog and use a reflective leash and harness to keep them safe in dark, rainy conditions!

What type of shoes are best for dog walking?

The best type of shoes for dog walking are comfortable, sturdy, and durable. They should offer support and provide good traction no matter what type of trail you're following.

When choosing dog walking shoes, look for a pair that have sufficient padding and good arch support to reduce the impact on your feet and joints. The shoes need to offer excellent grip for walking on loose, wet, or uneven surfaces.

Walking shoes, trail running shoes, and lightweight trainers are all good options. But try on different pairs to find the right pair that fits well and feel comfortable on your feet.

A Dog Walkers Capsule Wardrobe

Dog Walking Outfits

This is a dog walking capsule wardrobe. It includes clothing options and accessories that make it easier and more comfortable to traipse across distances and carry those everyday essentials for walking a dog. This post includes affiliate links.


Three options depending on the weather: a lightweight coat for the warmer months, a high-vis jacket for dark evenings, and a rain coat for bad weather. All three have deep pockets for stuffing a spare lead, toys, or extra treats.


A simple jumper with matching joggers is the perfect dog walking outfit. For night time walks, particularly in winter when the days are longer, having something bright and visible is essential.


T-shirts are an essential for layering underneath outfits in cold weather, or wearing alone in warm weather.


For a super comfortable dog walk on a chilly day, I wear a pair of joggers. They're thick, fleece-lined, and high-waisted. In warmer weather, something much cooler is required. A pair of leggings or bike shorts with an oversized t-shirt is ideal. They're thin yet durable, with a high waist (that doesn't roll down) and minimal seams for comfort.


Comfy sandals for spring and summer, rain boots for autumn and winter, and proper walking shoes for longer, tougher trails.


Instead of buying a new treat pouch and poop bag holder, use a bag you already own or buy one you can style with the rest of your wardrobe. Treat bags are kind of ugly but a simple crossbody bag is as stylish as it is functional. Poop bags go in the front pouch, treats and clicker in the back pouch.

If you want a dog-specific treat bag, Poppy & Ted have some nice options. Make sure to pack poop bags and treats as well as using a high-vis lead and reflective harness in bad weather or at night.