An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2021

An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

No matter how much you love the clothes you own, having a minimal wardrobe has its drawbacks.  One of them being, you have to be inventive with restyling if you enjoy expressing yourself with clothes.  I've been repeating the same outfits to death, which I'm sure we've all done during pandemic.  It's left me feeling unenthusiastic about my wardrobe.

Rotating clothes through seasonal capsule wardrobes helps to alleviate these feelings but it won't prevent it.  The only solution for me has been to seek inspiration for new ways to wear my clothes.  I've been watching street style videos, pinning style inspiration, and putting together a mood board to help restyle my existing wardrobe.

My post-lockdown style has changed.  I've decluttered my wardrobe and sold a few items I haven't been wearing.  Taking my main all-seasons wardrobe down to under 40 items.  I'm trying to work with what I've already got without buying anything new.  Although a couple of thrifted purchases have been made based on my Autumn style inspiration...

An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe


Cocoon Coat from Muji (second-hand)
Double-Breasted Coat from Great Plains (gifted)
Trench Coat from Everlane (gifted)

I want to get as much wear from my the outerwear that I don't tend to reach for as often.  If it's pouring hard, I'll retrieve my Stutterheim Rain Coat from my wardrobe.  Otherwise I'm sticking with a new Trench Coat, which I've already worn a ton.  An old thrifted MUJI Cocoon Coat that is a very dark grey and made from textured cotton.  As well as a classic Double-Breast Coat in a soft camel shade.


Crop Cardigan from Boden (second-hand)
Roll Neck Swing Top from COS (second-hand)
Chunky Cardiganfrom Everlane (gifted)

My thrifted Boden Favourite Crop Cardigan is the best knitwear in my wardrobe.  It's made from lightweight cotton so ideal for wearing all year round in the UK.  I also thrifted a COS Roll Neck Swing Top from eBay after not realising it wasn't a dress... I'm hoping this will look good layered over a maxi dress or wide leg trousers.  I've included the Everlane Chunky Cardigan in my Autumn capsule because it's warm enough to wear without a coat on cooler days.


Funnel Neck Top from COS (second-hand)
Classic Shirt from UNIQLO (second-hand)
Boxy Top from MUJI

Autumn is the ideal time to experiment with layering clothes. I've been enjoying discovering new ways to layer my outfits. All three of these tops are great over long dresses, tucked into high waisted skirts, or loose over trousers. I'm on the hunt for a couple more options, which I hope to find second-hand.


Wide Leg Trousers from MUJI

Maxi Skirt from MUJI
Chinos from Everlane

I may only have a few more seasons wear out of my Wide Leg Trousers and Maxi Skirt, both from MUJI.  I've had them a couple of years and the cotton is starting to look a little tired.  I'll be looking for a sustainable alternative to replace them with but finding a good fit at an affordable price has proven tricky.  Trousers are difficult for me to shop for, it's why I didn't wear them for years.  The Everlane Chinos are the only trousers I've found to fit me without alterations.  It's why I continue to shop from this brand who may not be the most ethical but do provide reasonably priced, more sustainably made basics that fit curvier bodies.


Linen Midi Dress from Linen Fox
Wrap Dress from COS (second-hand)
Strapless Maxi Dress from Monki (second-hand)

Three dresses for this season's capsule: a linen dress that's seen me through every season since I bought it, and two others I recently thrifted and hope will do the same.  I cannot recommend the Linen Fox Alice dress enough.  It's an easy-to-wear throw-on-and-go outfit.  I'm carefully considering whether to add the shorter version to my wardrobe.  The COS Wrap Dress and Monki Maxi (both second-hand) are recent additions, and I've worn them countless times already.


Loafers from Grenson (gifted)
Boots from Dr Martens (second-hand)
Shoes from Dr. Martens

I'm sad to see Grenson discontinue their vegan range.  The Clara Loafers have been a great smart yet comfortable option for those of us who don't wear heels.  They have a wedge sole making them more interesting than classic loafers.  The other footwear in my Autumn capsule are Dr. Martens.  A trusty pair of 1461 Shoes I've had for years, and a newly thrifted pair of Mono Ankle Boots.


Crossbody Bag from Everlane
Tote Bags

While looking for style inspiration for my Autumn mood board, I noticed I was being drawn to tote bags.  They add an interesting detail without overpowering an outfit.  Everyone always ends up with a bunch of cotton totes that don't get used for much else than shopping.  Incorporating them into outfits is a good way of using them more frequently.  I have a few to choose from including a Forms Tote by Jen Collins, The Magic City by Grand Union, and The Lovers tote from eBay.  The Everlane Crossbody Bag is a better choice for when I want something hands-free.


Minimal Jewellery from Oh My Clumsy Heart

A staple for all my seasonal capsule wardrobes is always jewellery.  Accessories have the power to completely change how an outfit looks and feels.  Creating a jewellery capsule with the perfect combination of necklaces, earrings, and rings that suit your everyday style makes accessorising much easier.