A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide To London

A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

There are plenty of things to do in London with your dog. So many in fact it would be tricky to compile all of them together in one article. You can take your dog to London's markets, visit art galleries or go shopping together. But I'm not too sure how much fun that would be for your dog.

I took a trip to London with my partner to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Our companion came with us too, and finding dog-friendly things to do that would be fun for all of us was a top priority.

This is a dog-friendly guide to London that prioritises your dog's fun including activities you can enjoy together, away from the crowds (as much as that's possible in a capital city!) We're talking parks and gardens, bars and coffee shops, and dog-friendly hotels.

A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

Dog-Friendly Places To Stay In London

There are over 100 pet-friendly hotels in London. Many of them do not have a pet fee although you may be limited to how many companions can stay with you. Depending on your budget, you can pick from affordable accommodation to a more luxury experience. Here are a few of my suggestions for dog-friendly places to stay in London, although there are many more to choose from.

Rosewood London

If you want the experience of staying in a traditional British manor house with added luxury, the Rosewood London has it all and was our choice for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary. Dogs of any size stay free with a bed, food and water bowls provided if you let them know your companion will be joining you. Our room was spacious and the bed was exceptionally comfortable. The staff were excited to see our puppy and gave him a lot of fuss, making us all feel incredibly welcome. The Rosewood is in a great location near convenient transport links too.

A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

Dog-Friendly Parks In London

London has a number of dog-friendly parks for on-leash walks and off-leash play. The most well-known ones, like Hyde and Regent's Park, get incredibly busy. If you want to go somewhere a little quieter, leave the tourist path and visit Richmond or Greenwich Park, or the Hackney Marshes. If your dog enjoys water, Hampstead Heath, Clapham Common, and Wimbledon Common have ponds to play in. These are some of the most popular dog-friendly parks in London.

Regent's Park

If we'd had more time, we would have travelled a bit further afield. Instead we took a leisurely stroll around Regent's Park. Dogs must be kept on leads (although many weren't) and aren't allowed in certain areas, like the rose gardens. There's plenty of space for dogs to explore regardless of the restrictions. We walked a circuit around a small portion of the 410 acre park before heading back to Euston station.

A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

Dog-Friendly Activities In London

If you're looking for activities to do with your dog, besides going for a walk or window shopping; there are a few dog-friendly experiences to be had in London. From sightseeing to boating, there's something that both you and your companion can enjoy together.

The Line

We followed The Line, an outdoor sculpture trail running between the Olympic Park and The O2. It takes you along the waterways and Greenwich Meridian. The start was confusing and a little hard to follow. It's best to avoid the ugly surroundings of the Olympic Park, and join the trail a little further down where the scenery is nicer and the walking route more interesting. We only managed a very tiny portion of the trail, however, it's a great outdoor activity that you and your companion can enjoy together.

Dog-Friendly Galleries & Museums In London

It's a shame none of the major art galleries in London allow dogs. The only gallery I could find that does is The Kennel Club Art Gallery, which you have to book an appointment for. Here is a full list of dog-friendly museums to visit in the UK instead.

  • The Kennel Club Art Gallery and Library

  • A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

    Dog-Friendly Bars and Pubs In London

    Anyone with a dog knows that almost all traditional British pubs are dog-friendly (although in London that's not always the case..) It's the modern pubs and wine bars that are less likely to welcome your companion in. If you're looking for somewhere that knows how to make a good cocktail and will serve your companion too, here are some dog-friendly bars and pubs to visit.

    Smith & Whistle

    This cocktail bar was highly recommended as it's been declared as one of the 'dog-friendliest bars in London.' While we received good service, it wasn't anything special. Unfortunately the atmosphere was dead on the night we went making us wish we hadn't made the half hour to get to it. Perhaps because the standard of service in Birmingham is so high, London fell a little short of expectations here.

    A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

    Dog-Friendly Restaurants In London

    London is hit and miss when it comes to dining with your dog. There are quite a few places that only allow companions to sit with you outside, and others that ban them completely. Fortunately there are also some excellent dog-friendly restaurants too. These are my suggestions for where to eat in London that are both vegan and dog-friendly.


    This is a restaurant I've been visiting for 10 years. The food is delicious and the service is excellent. So it made me really happy to discover they're dog-friendly too. Large dogs may be less comfortable as the restaurant in Soho is rather small. We were seated by the window with plenty of space for us all. Mildred's menu is 100% plant-based now making it hard to pick which dish to order. I highly recommend leaving room for desert as the tiramisu was divine.

    A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

    Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops and Cafes In London

    Coffee shops are a great place to take your companion. Small independent cafes almost always allow dogs, making it a great place to slow down and people watch in a busy city like London. We had our morning coffee in the hotel's restaurant, and didn't end up stopping for a drink anywhere else. The Breakfast Club is a great spot for food, and Ozone has good coffee.

    A Dog-Friendly Guide To London

    Travelling With A Dog In London

    It's easy to travel around London as dogs are allowed on public transport without having to pay a fare, including the buses and underground. Keep them on a leash or in a carrier, and either use the lift or carry them up and down the escalators. I carried the dog whenever I used the underground as it can get crowded and small dogs aren't easy for people to spot.

    Dogs may not be allowed on public transport "if there is a good reason to refuse them," with the most likely refusals being it's too crowded and/or the dog is too big. I suggest avoiding peak travel times when it may be too busy for your companion to travel. My solution was to stay in the central London area, walk as much as possible, and avoiding the rush hour traffic.

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