Winter 2021 Style Inspiration

December 07, 2021

Winter 2021 Style Inspiration

I've only put together a couple of these style inspiration mood boards so far. Yet they're already proving to be incredibly useful tools. Not only for planning my seasonal capsule wardrobes but for helping to identify the clothing I'm being drawn towards.

Instead of seeings items I like and trying to fit them into my existing wardrobe. Creating a mood board brings into focus the style I didn't realise I was being drawn to. With each image being pinned, items of clothing, their shape and style, and colour palette become clearer. It makes putting a new seasonal capsule wardrobe, and planning any purchases that need to be made, so much more accurate.

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Winter 2021 Style Inspiration

I don't love Winter. I much prefer Summer. I find dealing with the cold a struggle, and I loathe having to wear a coat. I can see from my Winter mood board that, if I must wear a coat, then I want it to be a statement. The images I'm pinning heavily feature oversized outerwear. Coats are classic in style with big lapels. Worn open with a huge scarf, and layered clothing underneath. I'm also seeing lots and lots of layering, which means wearing my existing wardrobe in new ways.

I've tried (and failed) to add colour to my wardrobe before. I would pick a shade I liked, and try to force it into my outfits. I didn't really think about whether it was a good choice. Using style mood boards has helped me to better understand the ways I can incorporate colour that will actually work for someone who only ever wants to wear black. In Autumn, it was accents in the form of tote bag and socks. In Winter, it's a statement.

The images I've pinned showed me I'm being drawn to olive green and camel tones. I picked up a vintage sage green jumper recently, and now I'm on the hunt for an oversized olive green coat. Failing that, I'll stick with the classic camel coloured coat that's been in my wardrobe for years.

Knitwear is always a focus in Winter. I know my wardrobe needs a few extra pieces. While thrifting, I'll be on the lookout for statement knitwear with some structure. Oversized turtlenecks, ribbed mocknecks, and classic jumpers.

Image sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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Winter 2021 Style Inspiration Winter 2021 Style Inspiration

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