A Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2022

A Minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Autumn doesn't stick around for very long in the UK. As the temperature suddenly drops, my Autumn capsule wardrobe is quickly replaced with my Winter one. Even though this season isn't over yet the weather makes it feel like it is, and I'm not enthusiastic about it. Autumn won me over this year but the cold weather certainly hasn't. Something having a capsule wardrobe teaches you is, you can wear the majority of your wardrobe all year round if you learn to layer appropriately.

Included in this season's capsule wardrobe are all the obvious choices: heavy coats, sturdy shoes, and lots of knitwear. I'm also including a couple of dresses. I've been experimenting with new ways to style them to get more wear out of them during the colder months. Tights, leggings, and vests are crucial parts of a winter wardrobe, although not counted in a seasonal capsule.

I feel winter is the most harsh season for our clothing, making a good time for a wardrobe audit. Each year I find something that needs fixing, or replacing. Pilling jumpers, no longer waterproofed boots, misshapen hats, and missing gloves. I thrift as much as possible for clothing so they were already quite worn when I got them. There haven't been too many casualties this year, although I have noticed a couple of things that need my attention. Winter is a good time to check over your wardrobe for any repairs that need fixing or purchases that need to be made to stay comfortable in the cold.

I'll be leaning heavily into the cold-weather appropriate portion of my dog walking capsule and loungewear options this winter. I'll be outside more than I have ever been before during these months, and there doesn't seem much point in risking getting soaked through in more presentable outfits. This is when sectioning a wardrobe helps with style. It'll be a season of daily outfit changes, and embracing whatever the weather delivers.

A Minimal Winter Capsule Wardrobe


Cowl Neck Coat from All Saints (second-hand)
Oversized Coat from Zara (second-hand)
Double-Breasted Coat from Great Plains (old, gifted)
Raincoat from Stutterheim (gifted)

I thrifted a coat inspired by my Winter Style Board. I wanted something oversized and boxy to create a more interesting silhouette for my outfits. The coat I bought was a second-hand (but never worn) Zara in a lovely olive shade. I sized up for a roomy fit and the wool-blend material gives a structured silhouette. There's plenty of space for thick knitwear underneath too. I'm also including a cowl neck coat from All Saints, purchased second-hand over 10 years ago. A double-breasted camel coat gifted several years back. As well as a Stutterheim Raincoat, which will inevitably be worn a lot more than the others once we get deep into winter.


Midi Dress from Linen Fox
Maxi Dress from Monki (second-hand)

Layering with base clothing and warm knitwear is the only way to make a capsule wardrobe more versatile. It's enabled me to wear otherwise unsuitable clothing, like dresses, all through winter. Tights help. Snag are my favourite, and I'm hoping their black ribbed tights are restocked. In the meantime, I've been staying warm with a pair of Swedish Stockings Ribbed Leggings and heavy knitwear. The thrifted maxi dress is very thin so needs quite a bit of careful layering in order to be comfortably wearable in winter. The Linen Fox midi dress is made from thick linen, making it easily styled for cold weather.


Vintage Turtleneck (second-hand)
Crewneck Jumper from Everlane
Sleeveless Roll Neck from Ralph Lauren (second-hand)
Vintage Mockneck (second-hand)

One of the best second-hand purchases I've made recently is a Ralph Lauren sleeveless roll neck jumper. It can be worn in so many different ways, and has been an excellent layering piece. It looks great over a shirt, particularly the Everlane Prep Shirt, and underneath dresses for added warmth. If you're looking for something similar, the Everlane Funnel Neck Tank would work. The rest of the knitwear in my capsule wardrobe are classic jumpers perfect for keeping warm this winter. Mostly thrifted. If you're looking for a great layering option, the Crewneck Sweater from Everlane will provide extra comfort in cold weather. Another favourite of mine is the Crop Cardigan. I didn't include it in this winter capsule because it's so chunky it won't fit under my coats. A great option if your wardrobe needs more cozy knitwear.


Funnel Neck Top from COS (second-hand)
Roll Neck Top from COS (second-hand)
Classic Shirt from Everlane (gifted)

I've included simple, classic tops that pair well with everything. Easily layered for warmth, and comfortable to wear. I'll definitely be wearing base layers underneath. My favourite option is the Everlane Box-Cut Tee. They're perfect for layering without adding bulk, and can be tucked in without too much extra fabric.


Wide Leg Trousers from MUJI
Pleated Chinos from Everlane (gifted)

I don't have many trousers in my wardrobe so I rotate through the same ones regularly. When you discover an item that's been a joy to wear, it's worth investing some time in finding a replacement when yours wears out. That's what I'm doing with my MUJI wide leg trousers. They've been a great addition to my wardrobe but after several years the cotton is wearing out and the waistband is losing its elasticity. I'm hoping to find a sustainably-made replacement. My favourite trousers, however, are the Everlane Pleated Chinos. They don't sell them anymore, although the Easy Pant are very similar. They're super comfortable and easy to wear with knitwear or layered tops, and look good with minimal effort.


Loafers from Grenson (gifted)
Boots from Dr. Martens (second-hand)
Shoes from Dr. Martens

For this season's capsule wardrobe, I went with my newly thrifted Dr. Martens boots and my very old classic shoes. As well as a pair of loafers. Dr. Martens are comfortable and reliable, exactly what you need in winter. I would have included my Stutterheim boots but they have a crack in the seal, meaning they're no longer keeping out the rain and snow. Resealing them seems to be a relatively straight forward task. Although slightly disappointing since they've been in my wardrobe less than 2 years, and worn for only 4 or 5 months at most.


Crossbody Bag from Everlane (gifted)
Tote Bag from YukFun
Jewellery from Oh My Clumsy Heart

I've been wearing two layered necklaces with pretty much every outfit. The Medallion Necklace with the Ball Necklace using a multi-clasp detangler, which makes putting jewellery on and taking it off again so much easier. Adding colour to my wardrobe with tote bags (and socks) is really working out for me. It's been a fun way to refresh outfits without making any risky (or costly) purchases. I've mostly been using the totes I already but I couldn't resist YukFun's fluff buddy tote. I also bought a good boi scarf in their wonky sale of misprints and seconds. My Everlane Crossbody Bag is my go-to bag of choice. It's sold out now but I also have Transit Bag, which is just as fantastic. Both are compact yet with plenty of room for all the daily essentials, and a great dog walker's bag should you need one.