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Directory of Eco-Friendly Products

On my journey to a simple sustainable life, I've discovered people and brands doing wonderful things; making products that reduce waste and make a positive impact on our lives. I've written comprehensive eco-directories before. One for sustainable fashion brands (with a size-inclusive list), another for cruelty-free beauty, one more for eco-friendly homewares, and an entire list of zero waste swaps.

I try to keep these directories updated when I discover brands doing things differently. Whether that's offering plastic-free alternatives to disposables, more sustainably-made clothing, or eco-friendly dog products. Over the years I've found my favourites; the brands I return to over and over because their products are that good.

If you're looking for an extensive list of eco-friendly brands or plastic-free swaps, browse the sustainable directories. You'll find a complete list of the most common zero waste swaps with product recommendations and brand websites for different categories. Below I've written about my personal favourites; the products and brands I make repeat purchases from again and again.

Directory of Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainable Clothing

Oh My Clumsy Heart

I've got to include my own sustainable jewellery shop. I created the brand in 2012 to provide high quality jewellery that is affordable, made to last, and eco-conscious. It launched with a very small collection of minimal jewellery essentials, and in 2021 won The Best Responsibly-Made Plastic-Free Jewellery at the Global Green Business Awards! Read more about the brand, our commitment to sustainability, and the fairly-sourced materials we use.

Know The Origin

This site is good for browsing clothes, homewares, and beauty products all under one website. The sections are easy to shop with lots of products to choose from. When I need something specific but don't know where to find it, this is the place I come to shop.

Linen Fox

This brand showed me that sustainable clothing can be made more affordable. Linen Fox uses 100% natural linen, sourced from Lithuania. They turn fabric scraps into scrunchies and fabric samples, and ship items in eco-friendly packaging. I only own one item but have many more on my wishlist.


Sustainable clothing is expensive, and limited in sizes. When I can't find what I need in a style that I like at a price I can afford, I shop at Everlane. I've yet to find a UK-based alternative that is truly comparable to them. They're not the most sustainable by a long shot but they do cater to those of us with an interest in fashion without having a generic body type.


I discovered this brand during the pandemic and I'm so glad I did. These tights are the best I've ever owned. They're comfortably, don't roll down, and there's no wrinkling at the ankles either. That's because they're designed to fit your body. They make shorts too!

Directory of Eco-Friendly Products

Cruelty-Free Beauty


There are two brands under this parent company that I recommend depending on whether you need budget-friendly skincare or more luxury treatments. I use both because of their effectiveness and affordability. The Ordinary products are almost too good for their prices. While NIOD offers more expensive, specialised skincare.


There aren't many options when it comes to zero waste makeup, and the ones that exist fall short of expectations. I really appreciate how effective Tropic's refillable and recyclable makeup range is. So much so, it's the only makeup I've used for the last couple of years.

Faith In Nature

Bulk buying non-perishables is a habit I've had for several years now. Refilling at homes means less plastic waste and more money saved. Faith In Nature make excellent, effective hair care that minimises plastic. I recommend the coconut range but also shopping around for the best bulk price...


There are several small brands making dental products that I would prefer to promote over Lush. However, once you've added on delivery costs, the prices becomes too expensive to justify. Unless you're lucky enough to live near a zero waste store. LUSH have accessible shops and affordable dental tabs, plus they're dog-friendly too!

Eden Perfumes

If you're looking to replace your designer perfume with a vegan-friendly alternative, Eden can help you. I wear the Molecular 1 dupe because Escentric rather shadily refuses to state whether their perfumes are vegan-friendly. I'm happy with my choice either way.

Balms, etc.

The most effective deodorant balm I've ever tried. It's easy to apply and lasts all day. You can sign up to a subscription to receive your deodorant when you need it. One pot lasts me approximately 6 weeks, which can either be recycled or refilled at one of their refill stores.

Directory of Eco-Friendly Products

Personal Self-Care


If you suffer with chronic pain, sore joints, trapped nerves, or broken sleep; I encourage you to try CBD products, if that's a suitable choice. I use the high-strength CBD balm, oil drops, and bath blocks to help with pain relief and better sleep.


Menstrual cups don't work for everyone, and I'm one of those people. My choice is to use CBD tampons with water soluble wrappers and recyclable applicators. You can get a sample here.

And Chai

A truly small independent with a big heart. You can't go wrong with whichever scent you pick, although my favourites are the warm, aromatic ones. Hand-poured using soy wax and paraben- and phthalate-free fragrance oils; these candles are incredibly effective are dispersing fragrance around your home (or in my case, my studio!)

Directory of Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Friendly Home


If you have the space and can afford the upfront costs, buying toilet paper in bulk is a useful way to get around the annoying task of carrying them home from the supermarket. I've been bulk buying TP for years and recently switched to Bumboo. They're competitively priced with a slightly cheaper wrapper-free option and subscription service making them even more affordable.


In previous years I was bulk buying my laundry detergent. But in a move to reduce waste (even the reusable, refillable kind) I switched to plastic-free laundry capsules delivered on subscription. They hardly take up any room (unlike the giant refill tubs!) and arrive when I need them.


There are prettier refillable cleaning products available on the market. But I've been buying Bio-D cleaning products in bulk and decanting them into old spray bottles for years. As unsexy as it is, it's simple, cost effective, and it works so I'm not about to change that just for the aesthetic.

Directory of Eco-Friendly Products

Plastic-Free Pet Care


Complete and balanced insect-based food for dogs and cats. I've fed the dog this since he was an adult and we've been very happy with it. There are bulk options and a subscription service, with next day delivery making you order's arrival super fast.

Lily's Kitchen

Plant-based options are a great way to introduce variety into your dog's diet. I buy Lily's Kitchen wet food as a topper with extra treats for training. The brand is easy to find in pet stores, even small independent ones, and I trust the quality of their ingredients.

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Directory of Eco-Friendly Products Directory of Eco-Friendly Products