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Simple Sustainable Living Newsletter

Hello, I'm Sophie. I wanted to take a moment to (re)introduce myself to both new and old readers who may want to subscribe to the new Considered Notes newsletter.

I'm a freelance writer and full-time jeweller based in Birmingham, UK. I've been writing about simple living and sustainability for a variety of brands and publications as well as my personal blog for almost ten years; documenting my life as a creative freelancer exploring eco-habits and conscious living. This all started because I couldn't find high quality affordable jewellery.

Simple Sustainable Living Newsletter

Back in 2012, I started my own jewellery brand when I realised how difficult it was to find minimal jewellery that was made to last and eco-conscious. I started making my own for Oh My Clumsy Heart, prioritising sustainability and fair pricing. This sparked an interest in sustainable style leading me to quit fast fashion, learn about environmental issues, and become a freelance writer and full-time jeweller.

Head over to the shop's website to learn more about the brand, the materials used and the sustainability policy; or read the Style Journal.

Simple Sustainable Living Newsletter

The Considered Notes newsletter is where this interest in simple living and slow fashion intersects. These letters are intended to provide inspiration for your wardrobe choices and your daily habits; providing a direct way for you to communicate with me via email, as a reader of my blog or a customer of the shop. Whether you want to talk about the eco-issues I discuss in my articles or an order you placed online.

When you sign up, you can expect recaps of blog articles and edits from the archive; shop updates, new releases, and secret sales. If you've enjoyed reading my blog, and get excited to see what new jewellery I'm making; I hope these newsletters will add value to your inbox.

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