A Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2022

A Spring Capsule Wardrobe

As I begin a new round of seasonal capsules, I'm thinking a lot about my wardrobe, the clothes I wear (and want to wear), and how to style them. I'm realising the outfits I feel most comfortable in aren't always the ones that make me feel as good as I could—and that Spring might just be the hardest season to dress for!

My post-lockdown wardrobe looks different, and it's still changing. I've had to replace a few items, and say goodbye to a few more. I love the idea of a 'buy nothing' year. I did my own 'nothing new' resolution a couple of years ago. But what I think these challenges often miss is that many of us experience shifts in our daily lives and our bodies that require wardrobe updates.

So I'm taking a close look at my outfit inspiration and the clothes I own to see how I can marry the styles I enjoy with the way they look on my body. Adding in any items I feel would make my wardrobe more wearable. My Spring inspiration board features plenty of loose layered clothing, which adds bulk and hides my hourglass shape. That's fine for warm days in the sunshine but not so great if I want to feel good about my body in the outfit I'm wearing.

Like all the others, this Spring capsule wardrobe features much of the same clothing I've been sharing for the last 6 years of putting them together. However, this year I'll be focusing more on styling them in ways that better suit my figure and the unpredictable Spring weather.

A Spring Capsule Wardrobe


Vintage Longline Coat, Richards (thrifted, 2021)
Trench Coat, Everlane (gifted, 2021)
Oversized Coat, Zara (thrifted, 2021)

In my impatience for warmer weather, I've made the mistake of rushing to exclude coat options from my previous Spring capsules. What I've learned is that coats and shoes are a focus of my personal style. The different colours and silhouettes play a big role in changing how an outfit looks and feels. I've included a heavier, warmer long line coat, which always gets compliments. A draping, thin trench, and a boxy oversized jacket in this Spring's capsule. Hopefully they're the right choices for whatever the weather brings.


Chunky Cardigan, Everlane (purchased, 2019)
Knitted Vest, Lazy Oaf (purchased, 2021)
Cropped Cardigan, Boden (thrifted, 2017)
Vintage Turtleneck Jumper, Unknown (thrifted, 2019)
Vintage Tie-Neck Jumper, (thrifted, 2022)
Vintage Mockneck Jumper, Unknown (thrifted, 2021)

Vintage knitwear is the best. I've included a mix of my thrifted favourites, and a new purchase. The Lazy Oaf Knitted Vest is the closest thing I've got to a pattern in my wardrobe. Green shades are creeping in too, with a couple of vintage jumpers in sage and avocado colours. Another great thrifted find is a simple tie-neck jumper. It's thin but warm, and perfect for Spring.


Oversized Shirt, Unknown (thrifted, 2022)
Classic Shirt, Everlane (gifted, 2021)
Vintage Embroidered Shirt, Unknown (thrifted, 2021)

I bought a beautiful vintage embroidered shirt for £1. It's the ideal choice for a Spring capsule, although so far I've struggled to style it. It's slightly oversized, and a little bulky when tucked in. I'm hoping to find some outfit inspiration for styling it. I've also included two other tops: a classic fitted shirt and relaxed oversized shirt.


Maxi Skirt, MUJI (purchased, 2018)
Pleated Trousers, Everlane (gifted, 2020)

I wanted to include my MUJI wide leg trousers in one final capsule. But when I put them on, it was obvious it was time for them to retire. Instead I've included a maxi skirt. These pleated Everlane trousers have become a little too roomy too. There's still some wear left in them so they're included in this capsule while looking for replacement options. I recently added a pair of Thought Corduroy Culottes and Everlane Way-High Jeans.


Jumpsuit, Thought (gifted, 2020)

I don't usually put clothes into storage. But this jumpsuit has been in hidden away for around a year, and I'm excited to wear it again. It's taught me a valuable lesson about having a small wardrobe. Sometimes we need a break from certain items to enjoy them again. Instead of decluttering clothes immediately, I'm putting them in storage first.


Wrap Dress, COS (thrifted, 2021)
Baby-doll Dress, Unknown (thrifted, 2022)
Midi Dress, Linen Fox (purchased, 2020)

I'm really enjoying finding ways to incorporate green into my wardrobe. This newly thrifted emerald dress has scratched that itch. I've also chosen to include my failsafe Linen Fox midi dress and thrifted wrap dress too. I'm not including my tiered maxi in this capsule as it might be a little hard to wear in Spring but I'm eager to try if we get some warm weather. I'll be referring to my inspiration board for styling options.


Boots, Dr.Martens (thrifted, 2021)
Shoes, Dr.Martens (purchased, 2014)
Sandals, Dr.Martens (thrifted, 2021)

I'm ready to break out the Birkenstocks but last year proved to me Spring is a little to early for those. Instead I've opted for a thrifted pair of strap sandals. I'm hoping I can pull off wearing these with socks on cooler days. I've also included my trusty Dr. Martens shoes, and thrifted boots. These seem like solid choices for Spring.


Crossbody Bag, Everlane (gifted, 2021)
Tote Bag, Baggu

In spite of being someone who is always reluctant to wear a bag, my inspiration boards always feature them heavily. I mostly stick to totes I can roll up and stick in my coat pocket. For Spring, I'm on the hunt for a more sophisticated alternative, like this Teardrop Tote. As always, my Crossbody Bag is a great everyday choice when dog walking or running errands.


Eco-Friendly Jewellery, Oh My Clumsy Heart

I love the new Spring jewellery I've made for Oh My Clumsy Heart. I've kept a couple of pieces for myself including a raw moonstone crystal necklace and circle bar earrings. The necklace is great for layering with other minimal jewellery pieces. I usually wear it with the ball necklace but for Spring I'm thinking of switching to the daisy necklace. The circle and bar earrings are perfect statement jewellery. Useful for tops with high necks, or more formal outfits.

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A Spring Capsule Wardrobe A Spring Capsule Wardrobe