The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

It's the gifting season, and while there are countless gift guides for what to buy your family and friends, let's not forget our furry companions. Your dog deserves nothing less than the best dog gifts you can buy for all the love and support they give you. While the obvious choice would be yet another dog toy, there are more imaginative gifts you both can enjoy...

Together with my companion, we've tested out the best gifts for dogs and rounded them up into this holiday gift guide. These are these best eco-friendly dog gifts, from fun dog toys to useful products that actually look nice in your home. I've included themed Christmas dog toys and products, as well as non-themed ones; from matching harnesses to plush toys and treat dispensers.

The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Box

For an extra special Christmas present, buy your companion a festive gift box. Packed with Christmas-themed toys and treats for your dog to enjoy. These are often limited edition and season-specific so you'll want to move fast if you want to grab one. What's great about these boxes is they take all the effort out of gift buying.

The Collar Club Christmas Gift Box contains a mix of toys and treats, specifically chosen because they are natural and eco-friendly. The toys included are typically made from natural materials that can be recycled when your dog has finished with it. Along with it comes a selection of natural treats, a natural chew or chew toy, and in every box there is a surprise. It might be an accessory, grooming product, or recipe card.

Inside our box was a selection of festive treats including a cod wreath, gingerbread house bauble, roast strips, venison sausages, and turkey dog treats. There was also a Christmas-themed dog toy. My dog was eager to get into the box, particularly for the treats, but I've set it aside for Christmas Day.

The Collar Club Christmas Box is an excellent way for your dog to enjoy the festivities with their very own seasonal treats. If it's too late to grab the Christmas Gift Box, you can still subscribe to their standard box, which is just as fantastic.

The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Dog Subscription Box

If you really want to treat your dog, sign your companion up to a subscription box. Each month your dog will receive a mystery box full of treats, toys, and everyday essentials. My companion was gifted a Ultimutt box to try, which I let him open before Christmas...

Ultimutt is an eco-conscious dog subscription service offering monthly subscriptions as well as one-off boxes. They even have a birthday box and one for tough chewers too. Each box contains up to seven items made by small businesses and independent brands in the UK. The treats and toys are sustainably sourced and ethically produced, and many of their brands give back to charities.

Inside our box were three toys, three packs of treats, and a colour-enhancing shampoo. The treats were a mix of low calorie calming treats, pork bites, and dried fish. There isn't a snack my dog doesn't like so he was thrilled with these. The toys included a crunchy tennis ball, a squeaky stuffing-free toy, and a large rubber rope.

My dog loves crinkly noises and is a power chewer so these toys worked out great. I love that the box includes useful essentials, like shampoo. Having a long-haired dog with a black-blue coat means this gentle colour enhancing hair care is very handy.

The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Dog Accessories

For a gift that will outlast the holiday season, upgrade your dog's daily accessories to something more eco-friendly. If they need a replacement, buy them a new collar, lead, or harness made from sustainable materials. If your dog doesn't need any new clothes, accessorise their existing ones. These merit badges by Scout's Honour are simply adorable. They'd make excellent stocking fillers or a gift for your other doggy pals.

My dog received a Poppy + Ted Extra Tough Harness from the Ombré Essentials. It has all the benefits of the Poppy + Ted signature harness with a sturdier design, created with extreme weather and mucky adventures in mind. The differences include a step-in style with an extra safety lock buckle, and handle useful during training and hiking.

The yellow-gold colour we chose is perfect for the holiday season but wearable all year. The beautiful mustard shade suits all seasons, and has the added bonus of making my dog more visible when on walks. Read our full review of Poppy + Ted dog accessories.

The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

Christmas Dog Toys

There are so many great dog toys to choose from it can be hard to pick. The best ones to buy really depends on what your dog's preferences are. Enrichment dog toys are our favourite as they provide an opportunity for learning during play.

Love From Betty have the most adorable range of Christmas dog toys, ranging from burrow toys to treat dispensers to rope toys. My dog received several Christmas-themed toys including a Zippy Paws Stocking, a House of Paws Christmas Lights Rope, a Hugsmart Milk & Cookies Trio and a P.L.A.Y Christmas Elf. The elf has the added bonus of being made from recycled plastic bottles with an eco-friendly filler.

Burrow toys are perfect for energetic dogs who enjoy a challenge during play time. They keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated through hide-and-seek play that encourages them to use their nose and paws to find the toys.

My dog is a pro so I've made it harder for him by stuffing the Zippy Paws Stocking with extra toys and hiding treats among them. The P.L.A.Y Christmas Elf in particular was popular because of the different ways my dog can play with it.

The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas

K9 Connectables make more challenging interactive enrichment toys. They sent my dog a Christmas bundle that includes all the K9Connectables from the Gentle range. Unlike other interactive toys where you have to replace the easier puzzles with more advanced ones. Both the Gentle and Pro toys from the K9 Connectables range connect together to increase difficulty, providing maximum variety.

The toys are designed to connect in different ways, encouraging your dog to use their natural instincts. Some toys can be stuffed with puzzle shaped treats or kibble. While others can be smeared with pastes for licking. Each of the toys has a unique design that encourages your dog to use their nose, paws, and tongue.

My dog loves puzzle toys but figures them out far too quickly. With K9 Connectables there are so many combinations, there's always a new way to challenge him. Filling the toys with kibble and treats, then topping with peanut butter and freezing kept my dog entertained for longer and completely tired him out.

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The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas The Best Eco-Friendly Dog Gift Ideas