When to Transition a Wardrobe From Winter to Spring—and How

How to Transition a Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

Warmer weather is just around the corner—spring is on its way! The exciting signs of the new season might have you eager to pack away your winter wardrobe for good so you can start dressing in your favourite spring outfits again.

But let's not be too hasty! Between the April showers and May sunshine, there's a lot of unpredictable weather still to come. You might want to hang onto some of those extra layers even as we head into springtime.

Transitioning from winter to spring can be a little bumpy but it doesn't have to be uncomfortable. If you know how to style spring outfits, dressing for the season is easy. This is how to transition a wardrobe from winter to spring.

When should I transition to a spring wardrobe?

You don't need to wait until the official start of spring to put together your new spring capsule wardrobe... but don't rush into it either!

Unpredictable weather is the biggest issue when it comes to transitioning from a winter wardrobe to a spring one. Too early and you risk getting caught in a downpour; too late and you'll feel stuffy in the heat.

It's better to slowly introduce spring clothing into your wardrobe by mix and matching them with winter pieces. These are some of my best tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring.

How do I transition my wardrobe to spring

Transitioning from winter into spring doesn't need to be complicated. It doesn't require a whole new wardrobe either—so hold off on shopping until you've read this guide!

Pulling together style inspiration for the new season will help focus on the outfits you like and enjoy wearing. From there, make a spring capsule wardrobe from the clothes you already own.

But don't put away the knitwear or coats just yet! They'll come in handy for styling weather-appropriate outfits in the new season. Follow these tips on how to transition a wardrobe from winter to spring.

How to Transition a Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

Wear Light Layers

Layering clothes is one of the best ways to transition a wardrobe between season. It not only protects you from the unpredictable spring weather but produces new outfit combinations—without having to spend any money!

Layering knitwear over spring outfits will add warmth while still feeling on-trend for the season. Think maxi skirts paired with boots, knitted vests worn over dresses, and denim jackets over jeans and a t-shirt.

Whatever your preferred fashion style, wearing light layers will help the transitional period between winter and spring go a lot smoother and feel more comfortable.

Start Layering Jewellery

Thick knitwear and high necklines make layering jewellery in winter quite difficult—and rather pointless when they get lost under all those layers! If you've been keeping your jewellery minimal during winter, spring is the chance to make a statement.

As the season warms up, it's time to start layering necklaces and stacking rings again. Add a little colour to your spring outfits with fun enamel jewellery and charms; or create a earring stack with mixed designs. Barely-there minimal chains are perfect for adding a subtle detail to outfits.

Jewellery adds a fresh new element to old outfits making it a great way to subtly transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. A few new accessories might be all you need!

Choose Playful Colours

The most obvious way to make a wardrobe feel spring-ready is to introduce a new colour palette. Even a subtle change can make a world of difference after wearing the same colours all winter.

Spring colours tend to be lighter, ranging soft pastels and bold hues. Peach, lilac, mint, and grape are all traditional spring shades. But if colour isn't your thing, introducing different textures and fabrics can have the same effect.

Even adding a simple white shirt or striped top into your daily outfits will go a long way to make an "old" wardrobe feel new again and a lot more spring-appropriate!

How to Transition a Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

Switch Out Shoes

A simple—and safe!—way to transition your wardrobe from spring to winter is to change your shoes. Boots can be switched for trainers, with sandals on standby for warmer weather.

Canvas sneakers are easy to wear and offer all day comfort. They look great whether paired with trousers or a maxi skirt too. So if you're looking for the ideal spring shoe, trainers are a great choice.

While it might be too early to bare feet in sandals, wearing them with socks will make sandals feel more weather-appropriate. Although this option really does depend on your style preference!

Stay Weather-Appropriate

Keep a close eye on the weather forecast. Chances are there will still be plenty of cooler days during spring that might require a raincoat or at least warm knitwear and some sturdy boots.

When transitioning a wardrobe between seasons, make weather-appropriate choices by mix and matching clothing. Find a balance of clothing that works with both cold weather and warm weather.

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How to Transition a Wardrobe From Winter to Spring How to Transition a Wardrobe From Winter to Spring