A Spring Wardrobe Wishlist 2023

A Wardrobe Wishlist

Wardrobe wishlists are useful for making more intentional purchases. Having a go-to list that compiles replacement items alongside wishlist pieces helps filter the 'needs' from the 'wants.' I make much better decisions about what to add to my wardrobe when I have a strict list of options to choose from.

On my last wardrobe wishlist post, I shared the frustration that comes when a beloved item wears out and needs replacing. I have a few of those on my list! Narrowing down options in this way really helps overcome the decision fatigue when trying to shop more sustainably. I'm much less likely to make an impulse purchase when I have pre-vetted options to choose from.

This is where a wardrobe wishlist can save you from a bad decision. Instead of adding items to the cart, add them to a list, pin them to Pinterest board, or jot them down in a notes app. Then close the browser. This will provide a little space and item to consider whether the item is really worth buying.

My impatience for winter to be over has led to some frustration with my daily outfit choices. In eager anticipation for spring, I've been adding items to my wardrobe wishlist. Most of them pretty 'out there' (for me) items that are probably best not added to my cart... Other picks are replacements for wardrobe staples I've worn to death.

Referring to a wardrobe wishlist is a great way to slow down, make better purchases, and avoid buyer's remorse.

A Wardrobe Wishlist


When you love what's in your wardrobe you end up wearing everything until it falls apart. After 10 years of heavy wear and some resoling, I'm having to replace both my Birkenstock sandals and Dr.Martens shoes. I've had both resoled (I highly recommend The Boot Repair Co!) but now the damage is irreparable. There's a couple more items in my wardrobe that need replacing too, which is inevitable when repeating outfits so often!

Having a direct link to a website with the items in stock is where having a wardrobe wishlist really pays off. Birkenstock discontinued the pair I wanted, the 2-strap vegan Milano sandals. But I'd already saved a link to a shop that had them in stock, saving me the stress of having to trawl the internet to find them.

I did the same thing for the Lucy & Yak maxi skirt I wanted as a replacement for one I'd worn out. This time, I not only saved it to my wishlist but signed up to be notified when it was back in stock. As soon as it was, I purchased one. This saved me from shopping elsewhere and making an impulse purchase I'd regret.

A Wardrobe Wishlist

Colourful Items

One thing I've felt my wardrobe is missing is colour. That's never been more apparent from my current style inspiration moodboard. Recently I've been incorporating green shades into my outfits with knitwear and more colourful pieces using playful accessories. Most of this has been through thrifted purchases, purchased online via Depop and Vinted.

I want to add more colourful items into my wardrobe using pre-owned pieces, fun accessories made by small businesses, and unique vintage finds. For me, these take a little more consideration and that's where having a wardrobe wishlist is important. As someone who enjoys a minimal style and mostly wears all black outfits, going too 'out there' with statement clothing can be a huge mistake!

Jewellery doesn't require as much of an investment, and can add a subtle touch of playfulness to an outfit without being overpowering. My new spring jewellery collection features fun enamel necklaces designed specifically to be worn as statement pieces or layered with simple chains for a more subtle look. I've been incorporating these jewellery pieces to add a fun twist to my staple outfits.

A Wardrobe Wishlist

Made by Independents

I'm keen to introduce more pieces made by independent makers into my wardrobe. Although this can be somewhat cost prohibitive. It's often more expensive to buy clothing and accessories made by independent makers. But the trade off is an original and unique, often one-off piece. Next to thrifting, this is the best way to add interesting clothes and accessories into your wardrobe.

I want to find some independent shops making fun clothing that can be mixed into my existing wardrobe. This type of purchase requires quite a bit of consideration to make sure the items can be styled multiple ways without looking awkward or out of place. Adding all the cute pieces I find to a wishlist means I can take a bit of time to find the right items before making a decision about which ones, if any, to purchase.

When you're considering new purchases, avoiding making impulse purchases that end up being expensive mistakes is crucial for a cohesive wardrobe. Building a fun and functional capsule takes time, and requires patience when deciding on purchases.

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A Wardrobe Wishlist A Wardrobe Wishlist