Wardrobe Organisation: Simple Yet Impactful Wardrobe Updates

Wardrobe Organisation: Simple Yet Impactful Wardrobe Updates

Simple improvements to your wardrobe can make a big impact when making a wardrobe much more functional. When a wardrobe is organised in a way that makes the contents both visible and accessible, items get worn much more regularly.

With only one rail and a couple of drawers, I've tried to make the most out of the limited space I have. I've learned a few simple yet impactful wardrobe upgrades to help make getting dressed much easier and more fun!

These are the easy wardrobe updates to help streamline your space and elevate your style without having to overhaul your entire wardrobe or the clothes in it.

Wardrobe Organisation: Simple Yet Impactful Wardrobe Updates

Section Wardrobe Space

The most impactful wardrobe update is also of the simplest—and most obvious. Sectioning off a wardrobe and creating dedicated spaces for specific categories will make getting dressed a much smoother process.

There's no one-size-fits-all method. So you'll need to find an organisation system that works and makes sense for you. That might take a little trial and error before you find a method that suits your needs. The most important factor is knowing where everything is and making it easily accessible.

In my wardrobe, clothes are hung according to type and colour on matching flocked hangers. All my knitwear is kept together, rolled (not folded) into a drawer. Small items are folded into soft cube storage. Accessories are in a basket at the bottom of the wardrobe. Loungewear is folded into a hamper. Out of season shoes remain in their original boxes on a shelf.

Wardrobe Organisation: Simple Yet Impactful Wardrobe Updates

Create a Jewellery Capsule

An easy way to simplify getting dressed is by having a jewellery capsule; a selection of jewellery that can be worn any day, any where, for any occasion. These eco-friendly jewellery pieces add the final touch that makes every outfit look more cohesive—more you. Every piece can be mixed and matched, taking all the effort out of deciding which accessories to wear.

I've shared my favourite sustainable jewellery essentials, and below are my tips on how to choose a jewellery capsule:

  1. Start by decluttering jewellery. Remove any pieces you haven't worn, that don't suit your style, or are uncomfortable to wear. Pass them on to someone who wants them and will wear them, or donate to a charity shop. If the jewellery is made from fine metals, sell them to a jeweller or have them recycled. Learn more about jewellery recycling.

  2. Identify the jewellery pieces you love to wear everyday. These will be the pieces that are so effortless to wear you barely feel them and rarely take them off. It's a good idea to mix fun charm jewellery in with minimal jewellery, or to keep sentimental pieces you only wear for special occasions.

  3. What's left is the start of a jewellery capsule. If you notice something is missing that would pull together your final outfit, maybe a pair of studs or hoops, a simple wear-everyday chain necklace, or more stacking rings. Add these pieces to a wardrobe wishlist, and invest when you find the perfect jewellery.

  4. Create a jewellery capsule with up to 25% off at Oh My Clumsy Heart.

    Wardrobe Organisation: Simple Yet Impactful Wardrobe Updates

    Buy Comfy Loungewear

    One of the most important aspects of any wardrobe—in my opinion!—is comfortable, practical, and appealing loungewear. For years I neglected this section of my wardrobe, making do with tatty t-shirts and leggings. They weren't particularly comfortable or nice to look at, and I always felt awful when I wore them. As soon as I purchased a matching loungewear, I realised what I'd been missing out on!

    It can feel pointless investing in loungewear when no one is going to see it... But having 'house clothes' you can slip into is a worthwhile investment. They ease the wear and tear on your others clothes, and double as a lazy day outfit for a casual brunch or coffee run with the dog. They also make the ideal travel capsule wardrobe! So let go of ugly, ill-fitting loungewear and replace them with comfortable alternatives that fit properly and feel good to wear.

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    Wardrobe Organisation: Simple Yet Impactful Wardrobe Updates Wardrobe Organisation: Simple Yet Impactful Wardrobe Updates