Autumn Decluttering: 5 Things to Let Go Of in Fall

Minimalist Home Essentials for a Calm and Clutter-Free Space

Autumn is an ideal time to declutter as it provides a way to smoothly transition from warmer weather into the colder months without all the extra stuff that might be cluttering up your home.

With the unpleasant weather forcing us to spend more time indoors and festive gatherings taking up most weekends, every inch of extra space matters. A thorough autumn decluttering session will help create a cosy and organised home that's pleasant to relax in each and every day.

While it might be tempting to hold off on decluttering until the spring cleaning begins. It's worthwhile setting a bit of time aside for an autumn declutter before heading into the busy winter months so you can enjoy the festive celebrations, clutter-free.

How do you declutter in the fall?

The most important things to declutter during the fall are related to the season's activities. Seasonal decorations, kitchen and pantry items, craft and gift wrapping supplies, as well as entertainment such as books and board games are all good things to declutter in autumn. Decluttering these items will result in a more organised and comfortable living space ready for the fall and winter season.

Things to Declutter in Fall

These are the most important items to declutter in autumn to prepare your home and make it more comfortable to spend time in during the colder months ahead. These tips will help you to embrace the festive spirit of the season and declutter your home effectively during the fall.

Food Storage

With festive celebrations around the corner, having a freshly decluttered and organised kitchen should be a top priority for autumn. Discard expired items and donate unwanted non-perishable foods to local food banks. Assess the items taking up most space, such as kitchen gadgets, and consider how often you use them. Declutter any gadgets or utensils you don't need and only keep the items you regularly use.

Seasonal Decor

When it's time to replace summer essentials for seasonal decorations, seize the opportunity to declutter anything that has worn out, no longer suits your style, or hasn't been used. Check over blankets and throws as well as decorative elements like candles, wreaths, and ornaments. Donate or sell items still in good condition, and recycle or throw away anything that is broken and can't be repaired.

Cold Weather Clothing

Switching between the seasons offers a chance to declutter clothes that no longer fit, are old and fades, have holes or are stained, or you just don't wear. Transitioning from summer to autumn means introducing cold weather clothing back into your wardrobe, and is a useful time to donate or sell any items you no longer want to keep.

Gift Wrapping and Craft Supplies

Before buying more craft supplies for wrapping gifts, start by taking stock of what you already have. Go through any drawers and cupboards that may contain wrapping paper, ribbons, cards, and related supplies. Declutter anything that can't be used to make crafts or wrap gifts, and make note of anything that needs to be replenished, like parcel tape and gift tags.

Books, Board Games, and Toys

In the run up to the festive season, gatherings with friends and family become more frequent and there is a potential for guests to turn up unannounced! This makes autumn the ideal time to declutter everything from books to board games. Go through your entertainment collection and declutter any books, games, toys, or physical media that you no longer want or enjoy.

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Autumn Decluttering: 5 Things to Let Go Of in Fall Autumn Decluttering: 5 Things to Let Go Of in Fall