A Winter Wardrobe Wishlist 2024

A Winter Wardrobe Wishlist 2024

I'm noticing the same things popping up time and time again on my wardrobe wish lists: green oversized bags, embroidered waistcoats, graphic design socks, and statement knitwear. Very little has been added after putting together my style inspiration board for winter 2024 though.

Most of my wish list never gets purchased—this is the benefit of giving yourself some breathing room for decision-making! Some of the items from my wish list I have already managed to thrift or purchase from small businesses, while others I have been diligently trying to hunt down.

I've done most of my gift shopping early at a couple of recent handmade markets. It's the best place to shop for meaningful gifts as well as find unique wardrobe pieces. I picked up some socks from geeniejay and added a few new pieces to my jewellery box, including a pair of Crescent Hoop Earrings and a Sun Pendant Necklace.

An item I'm specifically looking for is a long gingham dress. The best options I've found include the Olive Noa Dress and M&S Checked Maxi. But I can't find anything even remotely similar when searching for secondhand options. There is plenty of choice on Vinted yet I can't find everything I'm looking for: long sleeves, high neck, midi or maxi length, and no drop waist, tiered design, or collar.

Either I'll find what I'm looking for secondhand or I'll forget I ever wanted the dress in the first place! It's the type of thing that gets added to my wish list because I've been inspired by outfits I've seen on Pinterest and TikTok. After a while the excitement wanes and, if I can't find what I'm looking for secondhand, I end up striking it from my wish list altogether.

A Winter Wardrobe Wishlist 2024

There's also another dress I've had on my wish list for months now... The Emiko Kozo Dress. It's rare I fall so hard for a piece of clothing but I'm obsessed with how this can be styled. I know I'm dreaming of a fantasy life and realistically there would be very few occasions where wearing this dress would be appropriate... but a girl can dream!

Another item that keeps cropping up in my style inspiration is a statement bag. I knew I specifically wanted a green handbag and I managed to thrift one, which I loved the look of... but now it's in my wardrobe, I'm doubting whether it was the right choice. I've included it in my winter wardrobe so I guess I'll see how much wear I get out of it.

It's a small structured handbag in a lovely olive colour with a wooden handle and removable strap. A better choice perhaps, and one that would be more in-keeping with my wish list, would have been an bolder oversized bag in a brighter shade of green. This handmade marshmallow yarn bag would be perfect!

Although I'm really tempted by a certain oversized quilted crossbody bag, I'm wary of introducing something so on-trend into my wardrobe. How much wear will I get out of it before it starts to look passé? I always feel it's better to steer away from the super popular trends because, like it or not, it's harder to keep these pieces in your wardrobe for a long time.

A Winter Wardrobe Wishlist 2024

One area of my wardrobe that has always been important to me but isn't something I have written about much at all is my love of perfume. I've always worn a signature scent (Escentric Molecule 01) and believe fragrance is an essential part of an outfit.

I've been wanting to expand my perfume options and have saved various recommendations from Fragrantica and the fragrance subreddit. I know what I like—woody, aromatic, spicy scents—and the type of notes I want to experiment with—tobacco, vanilla, almond.

I made use of an Eden Perfumes Black Friday discount to order a perfume sample set with a few of the most interesting scents on my wish list. What I love about Eden Perfumes is they make cruelty-free dupes of popular fragrances, which are, in my experience, very true to the original. The only thing missing are the beautiful perfume bottles—but the much cheaper price tag more than makes up for it!

In my large sample box I ordered dupes of Diptyque Philosykos, Tom Ford Cherry Smoke, Guerlain Samsara, and By Kilian Angel's Share plus Eden Perfumes Bonfire. A good mix of sweet, fruity notes balanced out with green or spicy accords, and smoky spices. I'm very excited to try these!

I'll be writing a style guide to finding your signature scent to match your capsule wardrobe. I truly believe fragrance completes an outfit by reflecting your personal style or current mood.