A Handmade Gift Guide for 2023

Handmade Gift Guide 2023

In a world filled with meaningless mass-produced items, there's something magical about giving and receiving handmade gifts. While the small independent shops can't match the Black Friday sales, the gifts you'll find will be unmatched.

By choosing to shop small and buy handmade, you're not only supporting small businesses and independent makers, you're also gifting your loved ones thoughtful gifts that actually mean something.

There are many ways you can support small businesses without buying anything but even a small purchase can make a big difference. If you really want to show your love for independent shops and help keep them alive, avoid the Black Friday sales and shop for gifts at handmade markets or online instead.

Where to shop for handmade gifts?

The best place to shop for gifts is at handmade markets and craft fairs. It's a place to discover unique, one-of-a-kind gifts while supporting the independent designer-makers who made them. Shopping at craft markets is one of the best ways to help support small businesses while getting a gift that actually means something.

What is the best handmade gift?

The best handmade gift is one that is tailored to the recipient's preferences and needs. Whether it's a personalised piece of jewellery, beautifully crafted pottery, a hand-picked bunch of flowers, or hand-knitted clothing; the key to the perfect handmade gift is choosing something that is personal and carries sentimental value.

Save the Date!

Choosing to shop with small independent businesses is important all year round but buying handmade gifts will make any celebration feel that extra bit special. Mark your calendar to shop at the next upcoming handmade markets where you can tick everything off your holiday gifting list all in one go!

Handmade Gift Guide 2023

The Best Handmade Gifts for 2023

This Handmade Gift Guide for 2023 will inspire you to be an eco-friendly gift giver by buying meaningful, one-of-a-kind presents for your loved ones. For more gift ideas, shop the Independent Birmingham Gift Guide!

Handmade Clothing

As the weather turns colder, cozy hand-knit scarves, sweaters, and blankets become gifts that are as useful as they are thoughtful. The time and care put into hand crafting these items make them not just warm but also heartwarming. Nadinoo makes small-batch clothing suitable for wearing all year round.

Personalised Jewellery

Custom-made jewellery provides a way for you to express your love and appreciation in a truly unique way. Whether it's a birthstone necklace or charm jewellery with special meaning, personalised jewellery is a heartfelt gift that can be cherished for years to come. Shop eco-friendly jewellery at Oh My Clumsy Heart—use my link for 15% off your first order!

Hand-Poured Candles

Hand-poured candles are a homely gift that adds warmth and ambiance to any space. Crafted by skilled makers, these candles can be customised with various scents and designs, making them a versatile and thoughtful present. Kirrou makes playful candles in small batches, perfect for gift-giving! For seasonal gifts, shop Willow and Blossom's botanical-inspired winter collection.

Affordable Eco-Friendly Jewellery

Hand-Thrown Pottery

Handmade pottery is versatile, with items like mugs, bowls, and vases being decorative yet functional. Each piece adds charm and character to a home making it a beautiful long-lasting gift for loved ones. Choose between luxury ceramics hand-thrown by KT Robbins or whimsical ornaments handmade by Maisie Parkes Clay.

Natural Skincare

Small-batch soaps, bath salts, and skincare items crafted from natural ingredients make excellent gifts that are both luxurious and eco-friendly. It's the ideal gift for pampering your loved ones safe in the knowledge no harsh chemicals have been used and no animals have been harmed. Visit the Gas Life Store for cruelty-free skincare made sustainably.

Handmade Home Decor

Transform any living space with handcrafted home decor items, from original artwork to hand-painted to stationery to books. These unique pieces add a personal touch to any room and make for a truly thoughtful gift. Head to Birmingham Design Shop to discover a whole range of unique homewares, handmade by small independent businesses.

Artisanal Treats

Gourmet food and beverages crafted by local artisans are perfect for the food lovers in your life. From handmade biscuits and small-batch roasted coffee to homemade hot sauce and preserves, these tasty treats are sure to be a hit. Get a personalised hand-iced biscuit made by Tokie Dokie Cookies or a cookie cutter to try baking at home!