A Winter Travel Capsule for Paris

A Winter Travel Capsule for Paris

One of the most romantic ways to enjoy Paris is during winter. Between December and February the temperatures drop, leaving the cobblestone streets and iconic landmarks enveloped in a light dusting of snow—just in time for Valentine's Day.

Navigating Paris in winter requires a carefully curated travel capsule wardrobe that seamlessly blends practical outfits with an aesthetic that matches the city's romantic atmosphere. Making it possible to enjoy all the things to do in Paris without ever feeling the cold.

Thankfully the city rarely suffers with heavy snow or freezing temperatures so packing for a trip to Paris is easy. A well-planned travel capsule that combines cosy knitwear with practical footwear will create outfits that are not only versatile but warm and stylish too.

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What do people wear in Paris in the winter?

Like many European cities, winter in Paris can get chilly. Staying warm requires layered clothing and a reliable winter coat. A heavy coat, parka, or puffer jacket are all good choices in muted colours, with black, grey, and camel being the most popular choices. A solid pair of shoes or ankle boots, thermal base layers, and winter accessories will make staying warm and stylish easy to achieve.

How do you dress like a local in Paris in the Winter?

To avoid looking like a tourist while in Paris, wear smart-casual clothes that are both comfortable and stylish. Avoid wearing overly casual outfits or athleisure wear, and opt for a dresses, classic jeans, plain tops, and practical shoes. Stick to a soft, neutral colour palette incorporating white, cream, grey, lavender, blush pink, and powder blue.

A Winter Travel Capsule for Paris

A Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe For Paris

This is a travel capsule wardrobe for a trip to Paris using my wardrobe, showing just how easy to create a capsule using the clothes you already own!

This Paris travel capsule is based on a 1 week trip during winter. The essential base layers, like thermals, socks, and tights aren't included but are highly recommended.

To create romantic outfits suited to the Parisian style, a soft neutral colour palette has been used for this travel capsule. Coats, knitwear, and accessories all have cream, beige, and camel tones, giving outfits a quiet, understated appearance.

  1. Longline Coat
  2. Double-Breasted Coat
  3. Turtleneck Jumper
  4. Knitted Cardigan
  5. Colourful Shirt
  6. Collared Shirt
  7. Jeans
  8. Wrap Dress
  9. Maxi Dress
  10. Handbag
  11. Loafers
  12. Shoes
  13. Hat
  14. Scarf
  15. Gloves
  16. Hoop Earrings
  17. Heart Necklace
  18. Stacking Rings

How do I pack for a Winter trip to Paris?

When preparing for a winter trip to Paris, prioritize warmth and versatility. Limited luggage space can be optimised by packing a travel capsule wardrobe with clothes that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

Stick to a soft, neutral colour palette. Black, grey, and white are all favoured by Parisians in winter. Although earthy tones and muted shades can be added for interested, such as lavender, blush pink, and powder blue.

Pack a warm coat, cosy knitwear, reliable footwear, and base layers, including a hat, scarf, and gloves to ensure comfort in the cold weather. Layering is key for easily adjusting to varying indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Outfit Inspiration For Winter In Paris

A Winter Travel Capsule for Paris

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe for Paris in Winter

Packing a travel capsule wardrobe for Europe in winter will cover you for most major European cities. But there are some things about Paris worth knowing if you want to avoid looking for like a tourist and dress more like a local.

Every travel capsule wardrobe should be as versatile as possible without sacrificing comfort. What's different about planning outfits for a trip to Paris is the colour palette and accessories.

Soft Colours

Parisian fashion often features dark neutral tones paired with muted colours to create a soft romantic style the city is known for. When putting together a travel capsule wardrobe for Paris, consider incorporating soft colours like cream, pink, lavender, or blue into outfits. This is best done with coats, knitwear, and accessories, such as scarves or gloves, to add a touch of sophistication to outfits.

Romantic Style

Parisian style is elegant and understated with a refined charm that is subtle and captivating. When planning a travel capsule wardrobe for Paris, embrace the city's charming style by incorporating elements with a romantic aesthetic. Whether it's an embroidered shirt, printed scarf, or cute heart jewellery, these items will elevate an otherwise basic winter look into something more special.

Tailored Clothes

Parisian style leans into smart-casual with tailored dresses, tops, and jeans being a popular choice even in winter. Elegant dresses or fitted shirts and tailored trousers provide a stylish foundation for creating various outfit combinations. These items can be effortlessly transitioned from day to night too, offering the flexibility every travel capsule wardrobe requires.

Essential Layers

Even with a suitcase packed with dresses, shirts, trousers, and skirts, a winter travel capsule wardrobe can be winter appropriate with warm layers. Base layers, like thermals and fleece-lined tights, will keep outfits feeling comfortable and warm in the cold weather. While cosy knitwear, a thick coat, and winter accessories will make the cool temperatures more bearable.

Minimal Jewellery

Less is undeniably more when it comes to dressing for Paris. Parisians tend to opt for delicate jewellery pieces that add detail to an outfit without overpowering the finished look. When packing jewellery for a travel capsule, opt for timeless staples like hoop earrings, chain necklaces, and stacking rings. These understated accessories can be easily worn with every outfit, making it easy to transition from daytime activities to evening dates.