A Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Europe

A Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Europe

The key to enjoying winter travel lies in strategic packing. Having the right outfits that can handle everything from drizzling rain to snow fall is the only way to stay warm and well-prepared for travelling in Europe during winter.

A travel capsule wardrobe is a carefully chosen selection of versatile clothes that can be easily mixed and matched without sacrificing stylish outfit options. A travel capsule will help prevent over-packing making it possible to pack light and stay stylish while travelling.

If you're dreaming of travelling around Europe or you already have a trip booked and aren't sure what to pack, this is a capsule wardrobe to ensure your travel outfits are practical, comfortable, and fun to wear.

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How do you dress like a European when travelling?

There isn't one particular "European look" as the style of clothes varies from country to country. Yet Europeans do tend to dress a little smarter than some tourists may be used to, especially for meals out and special occasions.

Dressing like a European when traveling means wearing classic yet comfortable outfits with fitted clothes in neutral colours. Even casual outfits are expected to be well put together rather than something thrown on at the last minute! Sweatpants, tracksuits, workout clothes, and athleisure wear are almost exclusively for working out or wearing at home.

The use of colour is conservative with most Europeans wearing muted tones. Good choices include black, navy, blue, beige, tan, and grey. While all black outfits aren't uncommon they do garner attention. There is almost always some colour added with patterns and prints or colourful accessories.

How do you dress in Europe and not look like a tourist?

If you want to know how to avoid looking like a tourist in Europe, opt for smart-casual clothes in a neutral colour palette. Europeans tend to wear smart yet simple outfits, even when wearing more casual clothes, because these outfits are neat yet comfortable to wear.

If you don't want to stand out as a tourist in Europe just make sure to opt for a well-fitted outfit that looks intentionally put together. Avoid athleisure wear, including tracksuits, sweatpants, and casual shorts, as these are not acceptable to wear in public unless exercising.

A Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Europe

A Travel Capsule Wardrobe For Europe

This is a travel capsule wardrobe for Europe using the clothes I already own to show just how easy it is to adapt what's already in your wardrobe to suit your travel plans!

This capsule is based on a 1 week trip to a popular European city, such as London, Paris, or Berlin, during winter. Items that make this travel capsule more winter-appropriate but aren't pictured include thermals, thick socks, and fleece-lined tights.

I've kept accessories simple with all black winterwear and minimal jewellery. These could easily be swapped out for more colourful accessories or statement jewellery that would still be in-keeping with European style.

  1. Raincoat
  2. Longline Coat
  3. Gingham Maxi Dress
  4. Rollneck Jumper
  5. Cardigan
  6. Smart Shirt
  7. Checked Shirt
  8. Jeans
  9. Trousers
  10. Handbag
  11. Shoes
  12. Rainboots
  13. Hat
  14. Scarf
  15. Gloves
  16. Jewellery

How much should I pack for 2 weeks in Europe?

For a two-week trip, it's advisable to pack five tops, four bottoms, three dresses, three items of knitwear, two coats, and two pairs of shoes. Plus a bag, winter accessories (hat, scarf, gloves, thick socks, and thermals), and jewellery. This should provide enough variation between outfits without overpacking.

Outfit Inspiration For Travel In Europe

A Winter Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Europe

How to build a capsule wardrobe for Europe

Packing a travel capsule wardrobe for a European adventure is all about simple yet versatile outfit options that can handle the unpredictable weather. Some European countries have brutally cold winters but the most popular travel destinations—the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands—all have mild temperatures.

While it might not get too cold, the changeable weather makes travel difficult to plan for. In a single day the weather can change from a drizzle to a downpour in a second before turning into sunshine and crystal clear blue skies. Having versatile outfit options in your travel capsule wardrobe is essential for staying comfortable no matter what.

The best way to pack any travel capsule is to cater outfit choices to the planned activities and weather forecast. This helps to avoid overpacking by eliminating any clothing options that won't get worn. There's no point packing formal clothes if all you plan to do is go sightseeing! Likewise, if you've booked a Michelin star restaurant, you'll need to pack dressier options.

When it comes to choosing what outfits to pack, stick to neutral colours in muted tones such as black, navy, grey, white, and beige. These colours can be mixed and matched together and will make having a small yet cohesive travel capsule wardrobe much easier. If you want to add colour, include tops with prints or patterns, statement jewellery, and bold accessories.

Cosy Outfits

Winter travel requires comfortable clothes that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. A well-chosen dress in a classic style and colour will carry you from daytime exploration to an evening dinner date. Likewise, a smart-casual trousers paired with a blouse and cosy knitwear will ensure you stay warm and comfortable both indoors and out. Cosy doesn't have to mean casual though; choose well and your travel outfits will be as chic as they are comfortable.

Warm Thin Layers

The most essential part of a winter travel capsule for Europe are warm layers. Pack a mix of lightweight tops and knitwear with coats to layer over them. It's better to pack light clothes that can be layered rather than thick bulky clothes. They take up less space in your suitcase and make dealing with the unpredictable weather easier. On the coldest days, thermal tops and fleece-lined tights can be worn under an outfit to help stay warm while still looking smart.

Weather-Proof Outerwear

Bear in mind that your coat will be the most visible part of all your winter travel outfits so make sure whatever you pick is versatile. It's advisable to pack both a waterproof raincoat with a hood and a smart-casual option, such as a thick longline coat. These are the most practical and stylish options for a Europe in winter. A puffer liner is useful option to have if the weather is going to be particularly cold but it's isn't essential.

Practical Footwear

When choosing winter footwear, opt for practical yet smart shoes. A pair of waterproof rainboots will provide good traction and keep your feet dry when walking in the snow or rain. While a pair of smart-casual shoes, like boots or loafers, will be comfortable for any activities in milder weather and can transition from day to night easily. Remember to pack thick socks too!

Winter Accessories

Some winter accessories are essential for travelling in Europe, including a hat, scarf, and gloves to protect against the biting cold. Although a travel capsule wardrobe needs to be simple and versatile, that doesn't mean it has to be boring! A bold coat, colourful scarf, or fun jewellery adds personality to a travel capsule wardrobe and keeps it interesting when outfit options are limited.