The Best Pet Brands for Stylish Dogs

Stylish Dog Brands

With the growing trend of matching outfits with your dog, the demand for pet fashion has never been higher. However, finding dog accessories that are both stylish and high-quality can sometimes feel like searching for the impossible.

Gone are the days of settling for basic pet essentials with boring designs. Pet care is no longer just about ensuring our furry friends are comfortable and well looked after; it's about making sure our beloved companions have nothing but the best—and look just as polished as we do!

Thankfully there are stylish dog brands catering to fashion-forward pets. These designer brands understand that dogs deserve the same level as luxury and style as their human counterparts.

Stylish Dog Brands

Stylish Dog Brands

From plush beds to walking sets to squeaky toys, this list of the most stylish dog brands offer the best pet accessories designed to pamper your dog in every way possible.

Barc London

Barc London has a range of simple yet stylish dog accessories that combines fashion with functionality. Their range of collars, harnesses, leads, and essential extras are made from vegan leather and nylon in a small range of soft neutrals; perfect for matching with your everyday outfits. They also have a selection of designer dog toys including tug ropes and squeaky balls, ensuring our furry companions can indulge in both style and playfulness.


Cafide has a range of understated yet elegant dog accessories crafted in Europe from recovered plastic and recycled fabric. Their line-up includes walking gear, homewares, and dog essentials, all meticulously designed with a commitment to sustainability. Available in a palette of neutral colours and uncomplicated prints, these dog essentials cater to minimalists seeking stylish additions that seamlessly complement both their home decor and their canine companions.

Stylish Dog Brands Featured Barc London Cow Squeaky Dog Bone Toy

The Furry Folks

The Furry Folk seamlessly merges fun and practicality through its original range of dog products. Each item is creative yet functional with unique designs and playful styles that will infuse personality to every dog's wardrobe and toy box. The standout products in The Furry Folk range are the enrichment toys. These original designs are crafted to nurture the natural instincts of our beloved companions, encouraging them to sniff, dig, and burrow to uncover the hidden treats hidden within each toy.

Lambwolf Collective

Lambwolf Collective specialises in making beautiful yet functional dog essentials and accessories, from minimalist dog toys to modern walking gear to stylish travel extras. Drawing inspiration from Montessori schools, this American brand has developed innovative dog toys that aim to enrich the lives of dogs and their human companions alike. Each item is crafted with a focus on improving functionality and sustainability, while also encouraging quality bonding time between humans and their furry friends.

Stylish Dog Brands Featured Barc London Stone Dog Rain Coat


Pehom combines innovative design with functional products to create a collection of modern dog essentials that prioritise quality and style. Within the range there is a selection of fashionable dog walking gear and clothing, unique homewares and innovative dog toys. Each item is crafted to highlight both the aesthetic appeal and the practical functionality with a range of bold colours and wearable designs to suit both human and canine wardrobes.

Poppy & Ted

Poppy & Ted is an independent Rochester-based brand, dedicated to making playful dog accessories for dopamine dressers. Renowned for its whimsical patterns and vibrant colours, Poppy & Ted is the ideal place to shop for those seeking eye-catching dog walking essentials. The range includes a luxe collection of beds, blankets, and travel mats. As well as colourful collars, harnesses, leads, and poop pals—everything any colour-loving dog could ever need!

Stylish Dog Brands Featured Barc London Lush Green Dog Collar, Harness & Lead Set

Soho Poms

Soho Poms specialises in providing luxury grooming products, designed for Pomeranians but suitable for all dogs! The range includes shampoo and conditioner sets, hair masks, hydration balms, detangling combs, and hair brushes. Crafted using effective ingredients and gentle formulas, Soho Poms' pampering products ensures every dog receives the royal treatment they deserve, leaving them looking and feeling their best after every groom.

Scout's Honour

Inspired by a dog named Scout, this small brand started out on Etsy and grew into something exceptional. Scout's Honour provides a delightful range of bandanas and merit badges tailored for dogs eager to express their unique personalities. This brand offers a way to celebrate the charming, quirky, and occasionally annoying habits of our beloved companions. These iron-on badges add a touch of personality to a dog's daily outfit, offering a delightful way to show off their individuality and style.

Wild One

Wild One is dedicated to crafting design-forward dog essentials that elevate every aspect of a dog's life. From playful accessories for walks to essentials for travel and stylish living, Wild One have created a range of products that seamlessly blend functionality with flair. With a focus on simplicity and style, each item is available in a range of vibrant colours to suit every pup's personality.