How To Style Outfits To Match Your Dog

How To Style Outfits To Match Your Dog

While anyone without a canine companion might raise an eyebrow at the idea of matching outfits with a dog. For those of us with a furry friend who accompanies us everywhere, coordinating looks is a cute way to share our bond and express our personal style.

Much like curating a capsule wardrobe, styling outfits to match your dog requires a thoughtful approach and a keen eye for detail. With just a few carefully chosen accessories and a little bit of creativity, the task of creating perfectly coordinating outfits with your beloved canine is easy.

Whether you're going for a casual stroll, celebrating a special occasion, or just want some Instagram-worthy photographs, mastering the art of matching outfits with your dog will add some charm to your everyday adventures together.

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How To Match Outfits With Your Dog

It can be tricky to find dog accessories and women's clothing with exact colours and matching patterns, but there are a few tricks to make coordinating outfits much easier. From discovering stylish pet brands to personalising your look, this is how to style outfits with your dog every day.

Discover Stylish Brands

The variety of dog accessories available are much more limited than human clothes, so it's easier to begin by finding stylish pet accessories before trying to match outfits. Unique patterns are harder to style so look for classic fabrics, colours, patterns, and designs, such as plaid, denim, stripes and polka dots.

Finding brands that match your style and suit your dog's needs will make putting together matching outfits much easier. Some of the most stylish dog brands to shop with include Barc London, Poppy & Ted, Wild One, and The Foggy Dog.

Coordinate Colours and Patterns

Whether you prefer bold hues or classic prints, the easiest way to match outfits with your dog is to wear the same colour or pattern. It doesn't have to be an exact match but sticking to a similar hue or pattern within the same colour palette will make your chosen outfits look more intentional.

Alternatively, if dopamine dressing is more your style, try clashing colours or mixing prints to create a more eclectic look. Experiment with stripes, polka dots, or colour blocking to create a cohesive—if not identical—style between you and your companion.

How To Style Outfits To Match Your Dog Featured: Barc London Lush Green Walking Set

Match the Season or Occasion

By tailoring your outfits to suit the season or special occasion, you'll always be dressed to impress. Just remember to always prioritise their comfort. Cosy sweaters and rain coats to match your own will keep your dog warm and stylish in winter. While summer accessories, like a bandana or cooling jacket, will keep them looking and feeling cool in warm weather.

A super fun and easy way to celebrate special holidays with your dog without making them wear an outfit is to give them toys to match the occasion. Whether it's Christmas or Halloween, Valentine's Day or their birthday, there is a dog toy to match both your outfits!

Accessorise Together

Coordinating your dog's accessories is a simple yet effective way to match outfits with your dog. Not only can their collar, leash, and harness be changed to complement your look, accessories like bow ties, bandanas, jumpers, and coats can be added in matching colours and prints.

If your dog doesn't enjoy wearing accessories, match yours to their outfit instead! Choose a dog walking bag or treat pouch that complements their collar, harness, or leash, and wear accessories and jewellery that matches the colour or print. These small touches will enhance your overall look and show off your shared style.

Personalise Outfits

Add character and individuality to your matching outfits by adding personalised details. Customise your clothing and accessories with unique patches, merit badges, embroidered details, or enamel charms to reflect your shared interests and matching style.

Whether you inscribe your dog's name onto their collar and your jewellery or stitch matching patches onto you and your dog's accessories; adding these personalised touches will create a coordinated look that make your outfits truly one-of-a-kind.

Matching Outfit Inspiration

How To Style Outfits To Match Your Dog

How I Match Outfits With My Dog

When it comes to matching outfits with my dog, I like to keep things simple and subtle. I stick to block colours in keeping with my wardrobe's colour palette with a few matching prints. I pull specific colours and details from my own outfit and match my dog's accessories to those.

I've provided outfit inspiration for how I style outfits to match my dog's accessories, which include a small but stylish selection of harnesses, leads, and essential extras. Having a few different walking sets to choose from, coordinated in a complementary style rather than being an exact match, makes styling cohesive looks much easier.

A standard black dog walking set goes with everything and effortlessly achieves a chic look. But having a couple of colourful options makes styling matching outfits much more fun. Poppy & Ted have a range of dog harnesses in classic neutrals perfect for a monochrome wardrobe.

To complement my wardrobe's green accents, my dog sports a matching Barc London Lush Green Walking Set including a Waste Bag Holder. The colour works as a contrasting or complementary shade whether I'm wearing a deep forest hue or bright lime shade, or as an accent if I wear an all black outfit.

In poor weather a rain coat is essential—for me and the dog! The Barc London Raincoat is available in 3 classic shades, ideal for outfit matching. Made from 100% waterproof recycled PU it's as practical as it is stylish. The neutral stone colour works perfectly for pairing with everything from monochrome prints to bold colours.