Daily Routine: Nails

June 01, 2013

Daily Routine: Nail Care

Rimmel Stronger
OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons
Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Prickly Pear

Having weak nails and an obsession with nail art meant I spent months hunting for the perfect nail strengthener to protect my nails and keep them long enough so I could paint ridiculous patterns on them. After trying every highly rated varnish available (and let me tell you, most of the hyped products are absolutely rubbish) I found a Maybelline strengther with actual diamonds that made my nails so strong I never had to worry about them ever again.. Until, TO MY HORROR, they discontinued it. I don't know, maybe putting diamonds in things is a sure fire way to make something less profitable, but whatever, it's GONE and now I'm stuck without the holy grail of nail protection. My nails are a mess and I'm wondering whether life is worth living anymore.

I'm currently trying Rimmel Stronger. Despite being left incredibly cynical when it comes to polishes that claim to "add strength and seal against damage" - so far, so good. After a week my nails are growing again, they feel a little stronger and I can finally see rhinestones and gel tips on the horizon - praise be.

While I am desperately trying to keep my nails in immaculate condition and limit any further damage, I like to ease off painting them and either opt for keeping them plain or neutral. The following two polishes are the favourites I turn to on a regular basis. When I'm ready to go crazy on the nails again I'll break out the hideous shades and glitter polishes and share them with you.

OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons is the perfect neutral/nude nail polish that matches my skin tone perfectly. It's thicker and dries quicker than OPI Samoan Sand, and lighter in shade than Nails Inc Basil Street - but both of these are favourites.

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Prickly Pear is a lovely lilac polish and comes very close to my beloved OPI Do You Lilac It? I can't fault the Barry M Hi Shine polishes, I'd buy more if I didn't spend hours agonising over which colour to buy.

What colours do you reach for when you want to paint your nails?

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  1. You should hold classes to teach girls (like me) how to paint their nails without them becoming disaster areas that lead to massive strops/crying yourself to sleep (such drama!) within hours of the paint drying. Seriously I don't know why I bother/own so many nail polishes because I paint them and an hour later they are shipped/smudged EVEN IF I DON'T MOVE OR TOUCH ANYTHING.

    Help. Me.

  2. Chill girl. What's the problem? We all have nail issues. My nails are a constant source of anguish. They break easy and it can take months before they are in a paint worthy state. But when they are, my nails are the best in town.

    If yours are long enough to paint then this will be easy - I can show you how to paint them, just sit tight. I'll have some nail art tutorials coming as soon as possible.


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