Daily Routine: Brush Up

Daily Routine: Brush Up

Interdental Brushes
Listerine Zero
Oral-B Professional Care 3000

Nobody talks about this, which is ridiculous. So it's not glamorous and nothing related to dental hygiene looks pretty, smells nice, or makes you want to tell everyone about it - I don't care, this is important. What's the point in having a nice face and then opening your mouth and making everyone cringe?

If you don't brush your teeth properly, if you don't floss every day, if you don't use mouth wash, and if you don't visit a dental hygienist or a doctor at least once a year - you are going to lose your teeth.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend you book yourself in to see a dental hygienist. Providing you've had a general consultation with a dentist and you don't need any work on your teeth (like fillings) you can pretty much forget about him or her. The aim here is to never see that person ever again, literally. If you look after your teeth all you'll ever need to do is visit a dental hygienist - they can tell you all you need to know about the state of your oral health, alert you if something is going horribly wrong, prevent it from happening (if they can), and tell you when the damage is irreversible (so the dentist can fix it). It's not the best feeling in the world but a good hygienist won't make you cry and don't let the horror stories put you off. Your teeth are going to feel amazing afterwards, trust me.

Always floss first. Actually, it doesn't matter, so long as you do it. I use Interdental Brushes to floss because who even bothers with dental tape anymore? It's really important you don't just buy random brushes and start jabbing them into your mouth. Your hygienist can tell you which size you need or buy a pack of mixed brushes to see what works for you. Pro Tip: You might need more than one size to cover all teeth. These little guys can get expensive - buy them in bulk, during promotional sales, or just put up with the cost because the alternative is gum disease. Your choice.

I use an Oral-B Professional Care 3000. This one tells me off when I press too hard, gives me regular updates on which "quadrant" I should be working on, buzzes to let me know when my time is up, and is an all round good guy at cleaning teeth. Thumbs up Oral B. I'd totally recommend it but don't be pressured into buying an expensive brush - there are loads available and the majority all work the same. It's best to use a manual toothbrush in the mornings, switching to an electric brush at night. You'll notice the difference when you try it. Also: clean your tongue while you're in there.

Finally, mouth wash. I hate this stuff. I use Colgate FluoriGard or Listerine Zero, both of which are alcohol free. Always buy alcohol free, unless you like the feeling of your mouth being on fire.

Beauty bloggers don't talk about dental hygiene. I tried to find some examples and couldn't. I know it isn't glamorous, but I would have thought someone would have said "hey guys, you know what's important? CLEANING YOUR TEETH." It sounds obvious because it is yet that doesn't stop beauty bloggers describing colours and telling you how to apply skin care products so why doesn't anyone ever talk about dental hygiene?