First Aid Kit: Hair Therapy

First Aid Kit: Hair Therapy

I’m putting my hair into therapy; I’m enforcing a heat ban. For someone who can’t remember the last time they went without blow-drying or straightening their hair this is serious business. I had forgotten what it looked like left au naturel - what would it get up to if I just left it to go wild?

Turns out it’s pretty fierce.

I’ve had to enforce some boundaries if we’re going to get along; instead of the usual blow-dryer and GHDs, I've armed myself with a few products that has made this whole experience pretty liberating.

Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner
Pureology products are free of salt, parabens, and mineral oil and they are 100% vegan. This stuff smells amazing (roses – I SWEAR it was a coincidence) and it leaves your hair feeling super silky soft. They have a whole range dedicated to specific hair issues and I don’t doubt all of them would be just as great as this.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Repair Mask
If your hair is in a miserable state you need to get a hair mask on it ASAP. I have been using the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Repair Mask after every wash since enforcing the ban and have noticed it leaves my hair nourished and rehydrated. My hair is just a little stressed, nothing major so I leave this on for 3 or 4 minutes, then rinse. If your hair really is in dire straits I would suggest applying the mask, wrapping your hair, and leaving it on for as long as you can.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil
This oil is not only beautiful it's a teeny, tiny miracle worker. Ojon Rare Blend Oil is full of potent hair-repairing oils that work to protect, nourish, soften, and boost shine. I wait until my hair is almost-but-not-quite dry, working a little of the oil into my hair, starting half way down and paying special attention to the ends. Instantly I see a difference, my hair feels smooth, silky, and healthy.

Bumble & Bumble SemiSumo
SemiSumo adds texture, ruffles everything up, and encourages more natural movement. It also helps stop flyaway strands and frizz - it makes you look like you were born with well-behaved hair. You really only need a tiny amount; I swirl two fingers into the pot, warm it up in my hands and run it through most of my hair. Don’t over do it.

Other things I'd recommend doing to help your hair repair itself is to stop blow-drying and start air-drying. Obviously if your hair is a beast that takes hours to dry this idea will horrify you, and I'm not sure how steadfast I'll stick to this come winter.. but for now, air-drying is my new best friend. Put the brush down and step away; my hair is naturally straight and reasonably well-behaved, it doesn't tangle in the shower and brushing causes more trouble (frizz) than it's worth. Again, this isn't a viable option for everyone but if it is, you should totally do it.

Ditching the heat tools and leaving my hair to do its own thing is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Would you ever consider giving up heat styling?

First Aid Kit: Hair Therapy