Roger & Gallet Rose Imaginaire

Roger & Gallet Rose Imaginaire

Roger & Gallet Eau Fraiche
Rose Imaginaire

This was a last minute purchase from the most amazing of all the French pharmacies I found while in Paris. The shop was spacious, gorgeous wooden shelves everywhere, and so many brands. I was hunting for a Roger & Gallet Rose Shower Cream and since I've been loyal to Christian Dior J'Adore for years, the last thing I expected to leave the shop with was a fragrance.

Roger & Gallet use natural ingredients in their fragrant waters, chosen for their aromachological properties. Rose Imaginaire definitely influences my behaviour with its scent; it is so totally dreamy I wander around all day thinking "damn I smell good." The fragrance is light and sweet but never sickly; a summery floral scent mixing sweet tangerine and strawberries, blended with velvet jasmine and violet, melting into the softness of sandalwood and patchouli. You know when something smells so good you just can't get enough of it? And let's take a moment to appreciate how charming the branding is.

Rose Imaginaire will never replace J'Adore (angels cry this perfume is so beautiful), but it does make for an excellent every day fragrance.

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