Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Peach Passion

YSL: Peach Passion

YSL: Peach Passion

Yves Saint Laurent
Rouge Volupté: Peach Passion

Remember that time all the lipsticks I wanted were out of stock so I threw a tantrum, bought a neon pink one instead and fell in love with it? Well I finally found the dreamy lipstick that caused all the metaphorical tears in the first place. Move over Rimmel 110, you’re gorgeous and all but you’re no YSL Peach Passion.

Have you seen what this thing looks like?


From the ridiculously over the top “princess packaging” to the peachy-pink colour within, it’s the most perfect lipstick I have ever seen. Even Jack likes it and he hates lipstick because it means he can’t get near my face (lip products ruin boys lives), but this one is different because it's just so lovely.

Rouge Volupté: Peach Passion is super creamy and soft, easy to apply, and smells lovely. The formula is highly pigmented and a single sweep can cover the lips to opacity. The lasting power is exceptional, especially if you build the colour up with layers by dabbing it on and blending with a finger. Personally I think lighter shades such as this suit paler complexions but maybe I am bias and want to keep them all to myself.

Have you tried any of the YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick range?