La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector

September 23, 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector

La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector

La Roche-Posay
Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector

Talking about spots is pretty gross but you seriously need this little miracle worker in your life.

I have "normal" skin that has rarely suffered blemishes or breakouts. A year or so ago my skin went pretty bad and I started getting cystic spots. Everything has calmed down, my skin is back to being "normal" and resilient to problems. Yet I occasionally get the odd breakout and a cystic spot or two. I find them pretty distressing to deal with. Seriously, those things are nasty.

Cystic acne affects the deeper skin tissue and is a type of abscess that occurs when the oil duct under the skin becomes infected. Cystic spots appear underneath the surface and cannot be dealt with in the same way. Pressing, picking, and popping cystic spots will do absolutely nothing to get rid of them and actually cause more damage like pushing the infection deeper increasing the risk of scarring.

When I get the rare cystic spot they stick around for weeks. The spot itself is crazy painful, the swelling makes the skin sore, and the whole healing process is a drag. I've been pretty fed up with such nasty skin inflictions, even though they are few and far between they're still unpleasant to deal with and I wanted something I could use to speed up the healing process. I didn't do much review reading on La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector, I briefly skimmed Makeup Alley and took a chance.

The formula smells weird. Very chemically but not in a super unpleasant way. I noted that people said don't apply a big dollop or it'll visibly dry out on your skin, just pat a little of the cream onto the area and leave it alone. The cystic spot I had literally shrank overnight. It was small to begin with but totally wasn't planning on leaving my face for a while. The swelling immediately went down, the pain disappeared, and it become barely visible. I had an older cystic spot on my cheek that was looking pretty angry. When something is making your skin hurt it lures you into touching it more than you should. La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector calmed the swelling down, dried the abscess out and virtually eliminated it. Three days later and they were completely gone.

I know nothing about terribly bad acne or even mild, persistent skin complaints. Apart from a few months of nasty breakouts that totally cleared up without any scarring, I haven't experienced anything close to proper acne and certainly nothing that made me investigate heavy duty acne treatments. So a little reservedly I state: "you need this product." I am super amazed by it. Anything that can reduce nasty cystic spots to mere blemishes makes me absolutely thrilled. For anyone suffering mild breakouts or minor cystic spots, I'd thoroughly recommend purchasing it. I'm not sure how well it would work on severe acne or persistent breakouts, although I would suggest taking a look at the La Roche-Posay products because the Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector performed so well.

What La Roche-Posay products have you tried?

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  1. I bought the much loved Effaclar Duo and was really disappointed. I don't have an acne problem by any means, but occasionally my skin has a little freak out so I wanted to see if this could help lessen the damage. It didn't make my skin worse, but I noticed I had small bumps on my face every time I used it. I still don't understand what was going on but I'll just chalk it up to that particular product not being for me. Boo!

  2. It can be quite difficult finding a targeted spot treatment that actually works, especially when it comes to cystic spots! My acne isn't too bad anymore (incidentally, since I started using the effaclar duo!), but this sounds like a product I will have to buy to have on stand by :)

  3. I've tried the Effaclair Duo and I'm in two minds over it, I can't quite see why it was hyped up as much as it was as for me it hasn't worked any major miracles.

    I haven't tried this product out though and I happily would just to see the results :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  4. Anya Cross9/23/2013

    This sounds like the product for me! I've developed some AWFUL under the skin spots that just will not budge, I'll definitely be picking this up to see if any results occur x

  5. Parisian To Be9/23/2013

    It sounds too good to be true.... But I'm definitely picking this up. Have you tried the Mario Badecu Buffering Lotion. It's supposed to help with cystic spots too and it's my little savior. I'd be curious to see what you think.

    xo Lillian from

  6. Madeline Murray9/23/2013

    This sounds awesome ! I may have to check it out

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  7. dianne tanner9/26/2013

    i am getting some of this. this is weird, i almost constantly have one of these spots on each of my cheeks. they are so distressing. i thought they were some kind of BOIL and when they flare up i feel like my face is ROTTING OFF. i dont really get any other spots, just these two (in the exact same place on each cheek so weird) i am getting some of this MIRACLE FORMULA immediatly (when i am paid)

  8. Shiraz9/26/2013

    You should try out the Effaclar Duo, don't know if you heard of it but it's the bomb !!

  9. I have heard of this but it's an all over treatment right? I don't really feel I need it, I wanted something more targeted and the A.I. works like a dream for me.

  10. It's gross but.. if you put A.I. on a spot it draws everything up and out of the skin. The whole process totally speeds up. Cystic spots are AWFUL and I hate them.

  11. If you need something more targeted, I have found nothing better than this.

  12. It's REALLY good for single spots. I think anyone with issues with reoccurring spots might need to find something a little more heavy duty. If you're someone who gets the odd pimple and wants to speed up the whole process, A.I. works perfectly.

  13. I think Duo is an all over treatment, A.I. works to target single spots and draw them up and out of the skin. I would recommend it if, like me, you get the odd spot here and there and want it to heal quicker.

  14. YES. This is exactly what I keep it for, on standby. Whenever I get a spot I just dab a bit of this on and it draws the nastiness out of the skin. I find it helps heal them quicker. I do think for people with regular, reoccurring spots or acne something more long term might be more appropriate. But A.I. is great for people like me who get the occasional spot or two.

  15. Duo is an all over treatment though right? So it might be a bit too strong for certain skin types? I don't think my skin would appreciate Duo but A.I. is useful for targeting spots. You only put a tiny dab of it on and the formula draws the impurities out of the skin. It worked really well for me.

  16. alzgalzz12/06/2013

    The Cicaplast Baume B5 cream is what I use as my daily moisturiser and it is my life saver!!
    La Roche-Posay is a great brand for sensitive skin :)

    Alice x


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