In The Morning

I'm such a slowpoke in the morning; even though I have a full hour between waking and leaving the house, I still manage to dawdle, bleary eyed, through my morning routine. So I like to keep things as simple as possible without compromising on quality when it comes to morning skin care.

I haven't quite got the hang of incorporating a regular toner into my routine so the Oqibo Purifying Cleanser & Toner takes the thinking out of it. If I have time I apply a little La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, otherwise I skip straight to moisturising with the Vichy Idealia Smoothing & Illuminating Cream, which has a fast absorbing lightweight formula making it ideal for daily use. After applying make-up I use a little Smith's Rosebud Salve for a simple, fresh look and finally apply The Body Shop Almond Hand Cream, an important final step especially in winter time.