Old Favourites

mascara | blemish treatment | lipstick | primer | moisturiser

Max Factor Masterpiece Max
While I don't always use Max Factor Masterpiece it's the one mascara I faithfully return to time and time again. Either Masterpiece Max or the standard Max Factor False Lash Effect produce long, fluffy lashes without causing mischief on the face. As much as I've enjoyed using Origins Ginzing for the past few months, I have to say the results are the same as either of these alternatives so why pay more?

La Roche-Posay A.I.
I won't ever shut up about how La Roche-Posay A.I. changed my life. Cystic spots don't scare me anymore as a dab of this helps eliminate them almost overnight. You can read my adoring review for more information on how wonderful this product is, I wouldn't be without it anymore.

Christian Dior Lip Glow
If I could only have one lipstick, this would be it. Christian Dior Lip Glow works with everything, producing a wicked tint unique to each individual. If I'm undecided on colour or just want something easy to wear, this is what I throw in my bag and often it's left there indefinitely.

MAC Painterly
I use MAC Painterly as an eye lid primer or base and sometimes as a neutral finish for lazy make-up days. The dull pink tone evens out skin tone, laying a foundation that helps colour to stick around all day, and shows shades off to their full potential.

Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Comfort Balm
I have yet to find a moisturiser that is as lovely as Norwegian Formula Deep Moisture Comfort Balm; this moisturiser is light, non-greasy, quickly absorbed, and totally affordable. I might try more sophisticated products but I alway keep a pot of this around to return to.