Cutting Your Own Hair Isn't So Scary

Sanguine JAG-45B Black Hairdressing Scissors

I never thought I would cut my own hair, the idea terrified me. I have major trust issues when it comes hairdressers and since I only ever let two people anywhere near my hair with a pair of scissors, I felt there was no chance I would ever wield a pair of my own. I like my fringe short and blunt, something I didn't trust anyone but an accomplished stylist to achieve. Since my stylist left to work in another salon and I suddenly found myself without a car, I faced the unavoidable.

After reading a bunch of reviews I picked up these Sanguine scissors and once they arrived I just went for it; I didn't read any cutting tips, I didn't watch any tutorials, I just snip, snip, snipped and I didn't mess up. It's pretty easy. I've had a couple of scary moments and I have, admittedly, cut a wonky line once or twice, but that was easily corrected.

If you're thinking about chopping away at your hair I would definitely recommend purchasing the Sanguine JAG-45B Black Hairdressing Scissors. They're fiercely sharp, comfortable to handle, and a total game changer.

Top Tips.
Give yourself plenty of time, this isn't something that can be rushed.
Divide your fringe into two layers and cut the bottom one first.
Slightly dampen the hair so it 'sticks' together more, it makes it easier to cut.
Never, ever cut your hair wet. You'll end up with hair an inch shorter than you expected.
As you make a cut, pull the scissors back slightly so the hair stays in place and you can cut straight.
Buy a decent pair of scissors.