Diet & Beauty

My number one principle is “what goes in your body is more important that what goes on it.” I've never understood why some people worry so much about what they put on their skin, when very little concern is given to what goes into their bodies. I am under no illusion that this isn't a rather privileged point of view to hold; my skin is 'normal', I barely suffer blemishes, my skin isn't oily and doesn't have dry patches, there is no threat of acne and generally speaking, I've got it good. So while I can centre all my attention on diet, I understand why it’s not quite that simple for others.

What goes onto my skin is important too but anything that can be wiped off does not have the same effect as something that is consumed. My skin care is carefully selected, minimal yet adequate, I rarely wear heavy make-up, and I often go without, remembering to remove it as soon as I am done with the day. So in regards to taking care of what gets put onto my skin, I think I have that covered.

While nutrition is one of many factors in keeping your skin healthy, I personally notice a major difference when I have made bad food choices. My plant-based diet is naturally wholesome because of the conscious choice to omit certain ingredients. Although there is enough scope in a plant-based diet to allow for heavy consumption of sugar, preservatives, dyes, and saturated fats, if you're not careful. Bad choices are always there to be taken.

Generally speaking I eat well; my diet is full of leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans, and pulses. Although the reliance on more processed foods is easily done and lately, I've made some extra little tweaks to my diet to improve it. I've mostly been playing around with portion sizes from each of the main groups, bulking some up and minimising others for a healthier balance. I've been omitting any processed foods such as tofu as often as possible, switching from soya to almond milk, pushing as many leafy greens and vegetables onto my plate to bulk up meals, incorporating more nuts and seeds for protein; I've been avoiding bread unless it's homemade (Jack's sourdough is just irresistible) and trying to ignore the lure of heavy carbohydrates such as pasta. Sugar has been my main target though, it's hidden everywhere and if you're not careful it's easily consumed without realising. I've completely removed fruit juice from my diet, instead relying on eating the entire fruit, and have increased my consumption of green or herbal teas and water.

I would say I've noticed a drastic difference within an incredibly short time and that's despite already having a healthy diet to begin with. A few simple changes and my skin is naturally more radiant; nobody can tell me diet doesn't play a huge role in the condition of our skin.