Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfum

Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfum

I know we're all looking forward to warmer, slightly less (hopefully) wet weather and the first sightings of the sun, and as much as I personally think spring is the most wonderful of seasons, it is not spring so can we please stop pretending we don't have a month left of winter?

Regardless I have been dreaming of those rather lovely crisp spring mornings where the sun in shining but the air is still fresh and cold. I've been wearing Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 all of winter; it has a deep, woody scent that is ideal for the cold early morning and long dark nights. Yet for spring I want to transition into something lighter, fresher, with more life.

The smell of roses is something I feel passionate about; the scent of freshly cut roses is divine and, I find, incredibly nostalgic. Zoe recommended Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfum to me quite a while ago and it's been on my wish list ever since. After reading a few reviews I was undecided, perfumes are so personal it was hard to tell whether this would be a true rose scent or a cheap imitation.

Browsing the perfumery I discovered a bottle of Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfum. The scent was incredible; fresh violet, rose, and green tea top notes blended with Turkish rose, magnolia, cedar, and musk. This is a true rose scent that isn't antiquated nor pungently overbearing. The perfume is fresh, clear, and light; the fragrance starts off strong (but not overly so) with an incredible floral aroma, developing quickly into a soft, gentle rose perfume that lingers all day.

Paul Smith Rose Eau de Parfum is the most perfectly appropriate perfume for the coming spring time and I so glad I finally own it.