Daily Routine: Hair Care

{ Mark Hill Wide Tooth Comb | Klorane Mango Butter Shampoo | Klorane Mango Butter Conditioner | Infusium 23 Miracle Therapy Serum* }

I realise now I was doing a whole heap of things wrong with my hair; I used heat styling, I over brushed, and whatever products I used just weren't working. I suddenly became incredibly disloyal to pretty much every product I tried and hopped from one brand to the next. I don't think I'm that much different now to be honest, at least not when it comes to brand loyalty but I have definitely made some improvements. I no longer blow dry or straighten my hair and I am hard pushed to even brush it, I much prefer the lazy convenience of rolling out of bed, shaking my head, and letting my hair do its own thing in between washes. If you can get me to brush it, I always do it with a gigantic wide toothed comb to limit damage and I twist my hair up to air dry instead of blow drying for those messy waves I have grown to love.

I have tried a whole heap of products from traditional shampoos and conditioners to SLS-free products and even "natural" vegan friendly formulas. Out of all of them Klorane and Infusium 23 have the most dreamy hair products, they are definitely the best I have tried all year and they happen to contain SLS. I guess my hair loves that stuff - go figure.