Daily Routine: Skin Care

{ Jāsön Family Sunscreen SPF 45 | Cattier Pink Clay Mask | Natio Daily Protection Moisturiser SPF 15 | Natio Intensive Moisturising Night Cream | Natio Ageless Gentle Cleansing Milk | Superfacialist Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil | Unbranded Pure Coconut Oil }

I have learned a lot about skin care over the past year, most importantly that listening to your own body, using products catered to your personal skin type and condition, and not listening to anyone else's amateur advice is the most important aspect of caring for your skin. Researching ingredients, reading product reviews, and being selective about what you use means you avoid hyped products, hearsay, and misinformed opinions.

Learning to read ingredients is the most important thing you can learn to do. I am not an advocate for or against natural ingredients, each product and ingredient needs to be taken into consideration on its own merit. The presumption that "natural = better" is dangerous; poison ivy is natural but I wouldn't want to wash my face with it.

Personally my skin care routine has gravitated towards products containing natural ingredients. I use pure coconut oil to cleanse alongside a facial oil and cleansing milk; I use gentle face masks, moisturisers with essential oils, and a separate broad spectrum sunscreen that doesn't contain petrolatum, sodium lauryl, sulfates, parabens or phthalates. This is a combination of products that works well for my skin type but I still think people should stop freaking out about mineral oil and stop perpetuating the myth of dangerous chemicals in beauty products (especially since the most dangerous ingredients are of natural origin).