A Surprising Discovery: Tarte Buff Blush

{ Tarte Amazonian Clay "Buff" Blush }

I have been trying (and failing) to apply Tarte Buff as a contouring shade ever since I received this product. My complexion is too pale for most bronzers so I presumed, wrongly, Buff would be a suitable compromise. I had never thought to use it as an actual blush, which sounds silly now but look at it, the shade is brown and glittery (!)

Well, I have been missing out big time. Tarte Buff produces the most beautiful deep peach colour on the skin, very little of the glitter transfers and instead acts as a highlight providing a gorgeous glow to the cheekbones. The shade gives a subtle warmth to the face, adding something extra to "no make-up" looks and is the perfect blush to wear during warmer weather. Wear time is exceptional and, if anything, improves throughout the day looking increasingly more natural as the hours pass.

I am certain Tarte Buff will be making frequent appearances in my spring/summer beauty line-up and I doubt I will be quite as quick to dismiss products in the future.