100 Per Cent

If you find the traditional approach to cleaning out your wardrobe a little too much like hard work, the '100 per cent' method might be a more honest way of doing things. This fresh approach provides a more transparent way of looking at the contents of your wardrobe and making you confront the truth about all those clothes you're hoarding. The aim is to get your wardrobe up to 100 per cent, anything less and you need to start asking yourself questions..

What percentage of your clothes do you actually wear?

1. count the items in your wardrobe
2. which ones do you honestly wear on a regular basis?
3. work out the percentage

There will be things...

- you do not wear at all
- you have never worn but wish you did
- you have never worn and know you never will
- you have never worn and don't know why you bought them
- you cannot fit into but you wish you could so you keep them just in case
- you don't want to get rid of because they cost a lot of money
- you keep for special occasions
- you keep because it is sentimental
- you still like but you do not wear
- you still like but are too worn to wear
- that you wear all the time

What you need to do next

- stop saving things for special occasions
- start wearing every single item in your wardrobe or get rid of it, no excuses
- give/throw away anything that doesn't fit
- or you haven't worn and know you won't
- or is too old and beyond repair
- stop over-washing garments
- stop being sentimental over clothing
- stop pretending you are going to lose/gain weight to fit into something
- stop using the excuse "I can't afford to spend more money on clothes"
- stop funding the disposable culture
- start buying high quality clothes
- buy more second hand clothing