Honest Skincare

{ Photographs by Jack Spicer Adams }

The Honest Skincare studio is situated mere minutes away from my own studio in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter;
it's wonderful to discover and support such creative talent so close to home.

Honest is an independent, natural skincare brand founded by Katie Fisher. The philosophy behind the company is to produce skin care products made from carefully chosen, effective natural ingredients tailored to individual skin types. The brand blends skin-loving waxes, vitamins, and fine organic oils to create three skin care ranges: Calm, Balance, and Nourish along with an entire range designed specifically for men.

Believing nature provides us with all we need to nourish, restore, protect, and heal, Honest uses 100% pure ingredients with powerful properties to create products that will take care of your skin, gently and effectively. Each product is made by hand so you know exactly what goes into each and every item. Not only does Honest believe nature takes care of us, but they also believe we should look after nature too, which means all the packaging is simple, biodegradable, and resusable.

Simplicity runs straight through the heart of Honest Skincare, which makes the brand appealing to those wanting to strip back their beauty choices to a more refined, carefully sourced selection of natural yet effective products.