Dreamy Hair

{ Infusium 23 Miracle Therapy Serum* | OGX Macadamia Shampoo | Confume Argan Treatment Oil* }

I am a hair care floozy so when I find a routine I am happy to stick to, it's a pretty big deal. My hair has been super dreamy lately and it's all thanks to a few products and a simple routine.

I have been using the OGX Macadamia Shampoo and Conditioner religiously and it's done wonders for my (ahem) slightly neglected mess of hair. The OGX combo makes my hair super manageable, leaving it soft, shiny, and moisturised, which means no dryness or frizz.

I tend not to use heat to dry my hair and instead apply the Infusium 23 Miracle Therapy Serum, twist it into ringlets and let it dry into wavy curls, but sometimes you just don't have two or three hours (!) to air dry your hair. If I am in a rush to get out of the house but I still want to achieve mermaid hair status I'll use the Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Dryer. Using a diffuser limits heat damage and protects against frizz, which I always suffer when using a standard dryer. While it still takes quite a bit of time to dry using this method, it's far quicker than air drying and leaves my hair looking awesome.

For second or third (or fourth..) day hair, I'll apply either Argan or Almond oil to the mid-lengths and tips to restore shine.

{ Vidal Sassoon Infra Radiance Dryer c/o Vidal Sassoon }