Keeping a Skin Care Journal

Keeping a skin care journal can be an incredibly useful tool for monitoring troubled skin. It can reveal how diet, lifestyle, environment, and mood can effect the condition of your skin alongside the products you're using on it. An analysis of your journal can help you understand why certain routines or products do not work for you while they work for others with the skin complaints. For serious skin complaints it's advised you discuss the results with a skin care expert.

Document your skin care routine and the changes in your skin for at least 3 months.
Ask yourself the following questions each day:

1. What time did you go to bed?
2. What time did you rise?
3. How well did you sleep?
4. How many hours did you sleep?
5. What did you do/use for your morning skin care routine?
6. What did you do/use for your evening skin care routine?
7. Did you use anything else throughout the day?
8. What did you eat for your meals?
9. Did you eat any snacks?
10. Did you exercise?
11. How much water did you drink?
12. How much caffeine did you drink?
13. What was your mood like?
14. How were your stress levels?
15. What was your environment like?
16. What did your skin look up when you woke up?
17. What did your skin look like when you went to bed?

By monitoring your skin for at least three months you can see how your skin changes, whether it improves or deteriorates, and how the use of products are affecting your skin. By keeping track of external factors (such as environment and stress levels) alongside internal factors (for example, hormones and diet), your journal can provide an insight into what may or may not be going wrong and perhaps reveal factors you hadn't even thought of that are having an effect.