Signature Scent

For the longest time ever I wore only one perfume - Christian Dior J'Adore - and while I am still madly in love with the scent, a perfume stops being quite so special when you wear it every day. I now reserve this distinct perfume for rare occasions when I know it will be noticed and appreciated.

Perfumes can be worn as an accessory to an outfit and so I have come to appreciate the importance of owning a selection that reflects the occasion and time of day they are to be worn in. I have started to build upon my signature scent profile by paying closer attention to a perfume's main accords than relying on one bottle alone.

I am naturally drawn to true floral scents such as Paul Smith Rose and woodsy perfumes like Jo Malone Amber and Patchouli. J'Adore sits neatly between the two with a sharp floral fragrance; fresh mandarin, jasmine, plum, orchid and rose complimented with amaranth, musk and blackberry. Paul Smith Rose features Turkish rose and magnolia with violet and green tea giving a soft, delicate, true rose fragrance. Jo Malone Amber and Patchouli is the richest of all perfumes I own; a beautifully sophisticated scent with amber, patchouli and guaiac wood.

Having a "wardrobe of scents" to match my attire adds that little something extra and the delicate final touch to any outfit.