Skin Woes

Not only is summer messing with me heat-wise, it's also screwing up my skin; despite laying off the make-up most days, my complexion has been suffering from some nasties. With the summer rays helping to sweat out those impurities, my skin has been troubled with a few blemishes I haven't had to deal with for quite a long time.

My first course of action is thorough cleansing and the application of a gentle but effective face mask. I alternate between three but right now the Natio Face Mask Purifier is topping them all. This clay mask uses aromatherapy to cleanse the skin: sesame nourishes and restores the skin's lustre, lemon cleanses and purifies, and palma rosa helps to soften. The clay isn't harsh and doesn't strip the skin so is ideal for sensitive skin that requires a little extra care. Alternatively I apply the last dregs from a bottle of the Clarins Gentle Brightening Exfoliating Toner but since that is almost gone, I've switched to trying the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner. Toners are required to treat certain skin conditions so I rarely use them, however, liquid exfoliators remove dead cells and help create a brighter and smoother complexion, which is something I definitely need right now. Both of these contain alcohol but counterbalance it with glycerin; I find the Clarins toner gentle enough to be applied neat to the skin but with the Botanics version I have to dilute the toner on a cotton ball with a little water first.

After cleansing, treating, or toning I switch to targeted treatment of blemishes or trouble areas. Using a DIY Tea Tree Toner has natural antiseptic properties that can help combat inflammation. I find a sweep of this all over the face helps prevent, dry out, or clear up any pockets of dirt in the skin. Finally, La Roche-Posay Effaclar AI Targeted Breakout Corrector is my saviour for dealing with nasty blemishes and cystic spots, a little of this goes a long way and helps clear up problems within hours instead of days.