The Bathroom Shelf

{ Honest Yuzu Candle | The Bathory Bask Bath Salts* | Natio Face Mask Purifier }

Our bathroom shelf is luxuriously large in an "everything-gets-dumped-there" kind of way. But there is one little area that I reserve for the most loved, most used little treats. While they switch around every so often, there are currently three products sharing the adored space.

This beautiful candle by Honest skincare has such a subtle scent, it's perfect for any room at any time, but I like to light it when I have the rare opportunity for a relaxing bath. The service The Bathery offers means you can pick bath salts blended specifically for you. I chose a Bask mix featuring Epsom, Himalayan Pink, and Dead Sea Salts, blended with chamomile, rosemary, and ylang-ylang. You need to use at least half if not the entire contents of the bottle to get the full effect of the essentials oil, making a very decadent bath indeed. Natio's Clay and Plant Purifier is currently top of my list of favourite skin care treatments. Its formula is gentle on the skin yet has immense cleansing properties; perfect for when my skin needs a little TLC.