The Unexpected Accessory | Shore Projects Whitstable Watch

Whitstable Watch c/o Shore Projects

I am not a watch wearer. I think that has more to do with never finding the perfect fit than my lack of appreciation for time pieces. Watches can really add a little something extra to an outfit, so I'm excited to have discovered a piece that fits so neatly with my existing wardrobe.

What I specifically like about Shore Projects watches are their versatility and aesthetic beauty. There are some beautiful colourways to choose from and the clock faces are so classically minimal it's hard to fault. Shore Projects watches are true unisex pieces; I love the triangle accent, clean face, and simple appearance of this Whitstable design. While I find the clock face a tad on the large size for my small wrists, all is forgiven when I see how well this monochrome combination works with my entire wardrobe.