Why We Should Wear The Same Thing To Work Every Day

Why We Should Wear The Same Thing To Work Every Day

Building a work uniform for your daily life can provide huge benefits; tweaking your wardrobe to your specific lifestyle and work needs makes mornings much easier to handle. The majority of my "work uniform" consists of clothes that are comfortable to work in yet look good and compliment my personal style. Loose-fitting dresses and oversized (yet smart) shirts I can throw them on with a pair of simple flats and minimal make-up; getting ready can take less than fifteen minutes and keeps me focused on what I need to get done that day instead of dithering over whether my shoes match my shirt.

Here are some benefits to wearing the same thing to work every day:

No Decision-Making Involved

It's a no-fuss, hassle free solution to deciding what to wear on a daily basis. If you develop a personal style and a solid minimal wardrobe, then you should find picking clothes to wear a much simpler task. Who wants to waste time in the morning picking an outfit when you could spend those precious extra moments in bed?

It's A Confidence Boost

Knowing what you look good in and making sure your wardrobe is stocked up on staples, means every outfit you pull out of your wardrobe will make you look and feel amazing, which is a huge confidence boost that can affect your productivity.

It Keeps You Focused

Nobody likes being uncomfortable in what they're wearing, especially if they have to work all day in it. Taking the decision-making process out of the morning routine by building a wardrobe tailored to your work needs, helps keep you focused on the daily tasks rather than spending extra long deliberating over which shoes goes better with which dress.