The Minimal Wardrobe: Year Two

The Minimal Wardrobe: Year Two

The Minimal Wardrobe Rules

1. Only 5 items per season, 10 items per year
2. Basics, lingerie, socks, and accessories don’t count
3. Coats, shoes, and bags count
4. Fabric and quality is more important than price
5. No duplicates

I decided I wanted to enter into another year of the Minimal Wardrobe; although I am keeping the original rules, I learned a lot from my first year and so I decided to introduce a couple of changes, tweak my approach, and add two new rules.

The New Rules

Fabric and quality is more important than price
One thing I learned last year was, price plays a very small role in deciding whether a piece of clothing is good quality or not; the only real way of telling is through the quality of the stitching and the choice of fabric. A reason why - although I considered it - I don’t want to restrict second hand purchases. Vintage clothing is always of a much higher standard of quality than modern pieces and much more unique. Instead I am focusing on buying from brands I know and trust to be of good quality, regardless of the price tag.

No duplicates
I decided to introduce the “no duplicates” rule to avoid purchasing too many pieces of the same cut and style. I’m not sure how this rule is going to play out or even if I will stick to it, to be honest - but I will try. I tend to pick up a lot of the same type of item from second hand shops because they're cheap and easily justified since they're one-of-a-kind - but how many oversized cardigans do I really need?

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