Skin Care Trials

Skin Care Trials

Prompted by a recent trip to Germany, I switched up my skin care to test out some new products.

I purchased the Pixi Glow Tonic Beauty Elixir after passing their shop a few weeks ago while in London. I've heard only positive reviews of this toner and was curious to try it. This toner is oil and alcohol free; it contains witch hazel, aloe vera, and ginseng, and aims to loosen dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. This type of astringent toner can help reduce fine lines and diminish sun damage. I've never really found toners to be necessary for my skin type, but I suppose the purpose and effect of this type can only be found in long-term use. So while I haven't seen any dramatic difference in my complexion, the Pixi Glow Tonic is a nice step in my routine that helps soothe and exfoliate the skin. I wouldn't rush out to replace it once this bottle is finished but I am beginning to find a purpose for this type of toner in my skin care routine.

I haven't used face wipes in years but the need for a non-liquid cleanser that was compact, safe, and convenient to pack for travelling led to me purchasing these DHC Make Off Sheets. Although face wipes aren't something I would ever recommend using regularly, I do think travelling is one instance where their use is excusable. The DHC wipes are pretty good, one sheet will take off a full face of light make-up. The sheets themselves are thick and saturated, meaning both sides can be used with no waste and the container stops them from drying out. I worried my skin would feel dried out after use but it didn't, at all, and I have no concerns about using these on future trips where taking my usual skin care products isn't possible.

I also bought the First Aid Beauty Kit with a cleanser, moisturiser, and exfoliating pads. The brand doesn't use parabens, harsh chemicals, or colourants in their products (if you care about that type of thing.) The First Aid Cleanser has a soapy smell that's clean smelling and reminds me of old fashioned skin care brands. The product itself is gentle on the skin although unsuitable for removing eye make-up; I found the cleanser removed my make-up completely in a very short amount of time. The formula lathers up a little when you add water and when it's washed off, leaves your skin feeling properly cleansed although a little dry.

I found the First Aid Ultra Repair Cream to be hydrating, it feels soothing on the skin and helps a parched complexion. The formula is thick yet absorbs quickly; my skin always feels a little stressed during summer, so I like to make sure I use nourishing products and this "repair cream" works really well for me. As with any thick, hydrating skin care product, it's better used at night after cleansing and only when your skin is feeling especially dry or dehydrated.

Finally, I've been using the First Aid Exfoliating Pads. I've got to say, I feel the same way about these as I do about the Glow Tonic or any other exfoliating toner. For my skin type, the overall effect is very subtle and while I wouldn't rush out to repurchase these ones they've been used up, I would replace them with a similar exfoliation product.