Frame By Frame

Left Side: London Retro Malcolm* | Paul Smith Fairfield* | Duo-Tone Vintage
Right Side: Firmoo Lilac* | Multicolour Vintage | Glasses Direct Frankie

I own seven pairs of glasses (for the sake of symmetry I left this pair out of the shot.) I own more pairs of glasses than I do shoes because for me, aside from jewellery, glasses are the perfect accessory. The frames you choose to wear can change an outfit completely and I switch my choices around on an almost daily basis - although I give preferential treatment to the Duo-Tone Vintage Glasses, which are my oldest, most loved pair.

Knowing which frame shapes suit you the best is a must; I mostly stick to round frames with arms that sit high on the frames. Although I prefer subtle frames in classic styles, there is something to be said for a colourful pair of frames. The Firmoo Lilac Glasses and these Multicolour Vintage Frames from the '80s are ridiculous but I love them and they add a little colour to my typically monochrome wardrobe.