Two New Beauty Sweethearts: NARS Blushers

NARS Dual Intensity and Silent Nude Blush
NARS Dual Intensity and Silent Nude Blush

After indulged in a few new products, these two NARS blushers have become my new beauty sweethearts.

NARS Dual Intensity Blush in Fervor
I've worn this duo almost daily and in multiple ways and find both shades to suit both subtle and intense make-up looks. The baby pink hue in this palette makes for a lovely substitute for the Hourglass Ambient Lightning Blush. Although more pigmented and darker in colour, this only makes the blush more versatile. Using a light hand you can achieve a faint hint of colour or more noticeable flush if layered or used wet. The same can be said for the burgundy shade - rich and deep this side of the palette creates a much bolder tint to the cheeks, although remains just as versatile. I already love NARS blushers and these duo palettes are the best.

NARS Limited Edition Christopher Kane Blush in Silent Nude
Silent Nude is a soft beige blush ideal only for very pale skin tones. It adds a natural, healthy-looking color, softly contouring the cheeks, creating a warm matte finish. Initially I was a little wary this blush would be too light even for my complexion yet it's beautiful. The warmness it brings to the cheeks is gentle glow, it's almost impossible to over-apply, and the finish it achieves looks completely natural. The only nuisance is there is slightly less product in the palette than in other NARS blushers so I have already hit the pan after only a few weeks of regular use; a shame since this is a limited edition item that has become very much loved.