Dressing Table Must-Haves

Dressing Table Must-Haves
Dressing Table Must-Haves

Decorated with a combination of storage items, decorative pieces, luxury items, and personal effects, the dressing table can be transformed into the most beautiful focal points of any bedroom, and arguably the most important to get right. Here are a few essentials to create the perfect dressing table.

Natural Light

Making the most out of the natural light available can create a space where applying make-up and hair styling becomes a dream. Placing a dressing table in front of or near to a window provides the ideal spot for carrying out the daily beauty regime and the window ledge provides extra space for personal effects and decoration.

Make-Up Storage

Having the appropriate storage can make all the difference when using a dressing table. Make sure everyday essentials are easily accessible and lesser used products are neatly stored away by utilising functional storage. Acrylic units, like these ones from MUJI, provide an excellent way of preventing clutter on a dressing table. If you’re looking for something a little prettier, the Umbra Storage Boxes* are fantastic for storing your favourite brushes alongside your everyday make-up essentials in one neat unit.

Table Mirror

A mirror that is large enough so it remains functional yet small enough that its still easy to maneuver is an essential for any dressing table. Finding the right mirror is all about personal taste, however, the IKEA TYSNES mirror would suit most; it's tall yet compact, light enough to move around, and the minimal design would appeal to almost anyone.

Perfume Tray

Perfume bottles tend to be luxurious and elegant, making them ideal for keeping on show. Presenting them altogether on a tray creates a beautiful display and allows perfume to be accessed easily. Using perfume bottles as decorative pieces adds a lovely focal point to any dressing table.


Although gold and sterling silver jewellery should be stored in their boxes to avoid discolouration caused by contact with other metals and especially perfume, we all have those special pieces of jewellery we wear every day. Keeping these pieces on display in little dishes or trays adds a delicate touch to the decor.